Mar 14, 2014

I made it!

The sun is shining!
We are wrapping up the terrible audit week.
I spent far too many hours in this office, scanned far too many documents, and explained our software structure far too many times to the same people.
Over and over and over again.

But we did it. Today's the last day.

I get to go back to a normal schedule!
I get to sleep in past 5am!

So how did I do?
1) The workouts-
I did NOT do the Monday-Thursday schedule like I had planned.
Here's what DID happen.

Monday- 30 minute treadmillage
Tuesday- 25 minute weight lifting (and grunting and panting and cursing)
Wednesday- I'm over it. I "slept" in for 20 additional minutes.  However, I did have to sprint the mile from work to the train in 8 minutes flat, in snow boots, in 20 degree temps, to get one of the last express trains out of the city, so I suppose that counts.
I was impressed with myself.
The lady that I sat next to?
Not so much.

I come barreling in, notice she is doing the whole, "I'll just rifle through my oversized Chanel bag for something important and not notice that all these people just want to sit down" routine, so I panted and stared at her with crazy eyes...."EXCUSE ME!"
And she wrapped that shit up.
I sit down.
I'm beet red in the face.
Sweat is rolling down my back.
I tear off my down coat.
Try to control my heavy breathing.
And realize my seat partner is probably one of those people that I would throat punch in a heart beat.

She reeks of perfume. Like straight up moth balls.
She is applying more make-up, to an already over-make-uped cake face.
Fake nails, fake tan, fake everything.
Based on her need to record 15 away messages to her work, I found out she is a Chanel Make-up consultant.
Lord help whoever she consults.
I have seen hookers look classier.

But anyways, all of this is going through my head, and I realize I must look like straight up white trash.
With my busted down coat, sweaty face, rugged phone, etc.

And then like a mentally ill person, started laughing to myself at the irony of the whole thing.
She probably thinks SHE is the shit. Better than me. More well off...whatever you want to call it.
I assume this based on her passive glances.
Sorry honey, you won't find labels on me. Anywhere.

So anyways, back on track.
Thursday-slept in again. I KNOW. But yesterday was my super long day.
I didn't roll into my house until 10pm. Dinner, drinks, schmoozing....after a long audit day. was rough.

Which leads me to day.
I got my ass up on my OFF day and busted out some cardio and arm weights.
There. Done.

Saturday is Hot Yoga.
Sunday is boxing and weights.

So what else?

I haven't seen my dogs much this week, which is a bit sad, but I have been so busy I haven't thought much of it.
I am starting to think that maybe Burn is 15% more trained than how he was prior to boot camp.
He is absolutely back to his old self.
Eating all the things.
Sleeping and drooling.
The hives and puking and diarrhea totally subsided within four days of his return.

I am latching onto that 15% improvement with every ounce I have.
We do the rug technique every. damn. day.
And it has made our home life so much normal. More peaceful.
He isn't into Crash's business every second.
I don't have to keep my eyes on them like a hawk.
When guests arrive, he backs off of them. Knows his place. (Mostly) stays put until we say so.
We're working on it.

Crash is still Crash.
Still old and tired.
Still my solid little man.

Right now it's good. Very, very good in our house.
The dogs are loving the additional land they get to sniff now that the snow is finally melting.
I am not loving muddy paws, but it happens.
I find myself smiling at the muddy prints on the kitchen floor.
Two sets, side by side, to get a toy to play with or more petting.

Those two are the inspiration for another huge announcement to come with my new blog design.
Which, by the way, won't launch until April 1.
Sorry, I want it to be good. And perfect. And ME.
And with this little addition, I need more time.
So you'll have to wait.
But I am so, so excited for the changes.
I hope you will support me as well.
Or at least cheers a drink to me. I'd like that.

Until next time.
TBag. Out.