Mar 6, 2014

Frugal Friday: Motion with the Lotion

Let's talk about lotion.
Pronounced LOHzun in our household, and at work for some reason..
So I buy the Jergens.
I LIVE by the Jergens.
I LOVE the Jergens.

But my Jergens bottles don't love me back like they should.
So I cut them.

Ahem, let me explain.
I like being thrifty, when I can, and when its not too much of a burden.
I really do envy those crazy coupon chics but LAWD it seems like a lot. of damn. work.
Home girl don't play that.

But, I use lohzuhn like its going out of style.
In he morning after a shower, after EVERY hand wash, when I get home, before I go to bed.

And confession, first world problems, but my new house is so much bigger than he other so I need lotion in multiple areas so I don't have to walk a mile to lube up.
Like your mom does.

So since I'm spending mucho dinero on body polish I like to make sure every drop is used.
I'll rack up a few "empty bottles" and scrape em out. Here's how it's done.

First, cut them open with a ridiculously sharp knife.
Watch your fingers.

Then, get yourself an empty container.

I just happen to have another empty lotion container on hand.

Then, with the bottles halved, scrape that shit out and plop it into the empty one.

7 whole additional ounces of lotion from "empty bottles"

You're welcome.
And don't forget to recycle the severed empties.

Saving this world, one dry body at a time.
TBag. Out.