Feb 27, 2014

Two More Days

I haven't heard from the dog training facility since last Tuesday.
I kept thinking they were going to text me every 2-3 days but realized I read their instructions incorrectly.
They were going to text me after the first 2-3 days, then radio silence until the call.
The call when they tell me his progress.
I got the call last night.

Well, I got the VM that said to call them in the morning last night.
My phone gets zero reception within the iron-clad walls of my home so all I get is the occasional text or vm.
I go into full on panic mode.
What if they want him to stay?
What if he isn't improving?
What if he's hurt?
A million thoughts race through my head and a million jumbled words spew out to Bayou.
We'll call them in the morning. Everything will be fine.
His voice, although typically boisterous and overbearing, is calm and assertive this time.
Exactly what I need.
So this morning I call.
The head trainer answers and informs me that he thinks another week would help.
That Burn, "has all the pieces to the puzzle", he just "needs to get the puzzle in order."
I wasn't expecting that.
For some reason I'm not buying what he is selling so I start to delve a little deeper.
Always a pessimist, I am starting to think this is a money making scheme.
Well what exactly are his biggest issues that haven't improved?
Is he still charging after little objects and kids?
Has he learned anything at all?
Is there still major food aggression issues?
I get a few round about answers that he is doing generally well, but another week would still help.
I need to talk this over with Bayou.
I call. He doesn't answer.
Now I'm panicking.
Can we afford another week of this?
What if it's all in vain?
I haven't seen his progress to know better, what if it's good enough for now?
I hit the interwebs to see if anything else has been written about the drop off bootcamp classes and what other people have experience.
What I find doesn't ease my mind.
Seems it is RATHER common for them to suggest another week.
Of course it would.
Maybe it IS a money maker thing more than training?
I want to have faith in the system, I really do.
Without talking with Bayou, I call the trainer back and tell him I don't think we can handle it financially, and we will pick him up Saturday.
Two more days.
But not before a two-hour training session for us.
I have resolved that if he isn't much better, maybe we will consider another go....maybe.
Or maybe not.
I don't know what my hopes were for this.
All I know is I need more peace between our two dogs moving forward and more cooperation on Burn's end.
He needs to listen to us more and I have grown weary of spending countless hours and getting nowhere.
I hope some magic happened in the last two weeks.
Two more days until I get to see his sweet face.
Two more days.