Feb 24, 2014

So what's new?

Oh hey.

It's been a spell, hasn't it?

I didn't mean to not blog this week, fully intended to....on Thursday.
And then I almost* shit my pants with an onslaught of some type of gastro-intestinal flu that has left me without an appetite or the energy to do anything since.

*And by almost, I mean, I may have....a bit.  Ha....and then I laughed so hard that "it happened" that I almost made it worse. ZOMG.....I KNOW, RIGHT?
Oh well....don't EVER say you haven't.
You have.
And you know it.
And now we have another thing in common.
Moving on.

So let's talk about other less shitty topics.....eh? eh? Get it?  Alright, enough.

Burn has been in bootcamp since last Saturday.
I miss him more than I have ever missed anything ever before.

The longest I have ever been away from him is 4 days while we were on vacation in Miami last year, and I guess I was too drunk to be worried.
This time?
No dice.
I have only the normal amount of stuff to keep me busy.
I literally cleaned my house top to bottom in the first 24 hours after his departure, until we had friends over last Sunday.
And then I saw a commercial with some dog with an underbite and I fucking lost it.

Work went as it normally does.
I have been busy enough, but the week still dragged on.
And then Shitty McShit Pants 2.0 hit with full force Wednesday night (I blame co-workers) and I just knew I wasn't going to make it into work Thursday.....and then not Friday either.

So basically I haven't been able eat anything or leave a 10 foot radius of my bathroom in the last 48 hours.

I took a risk and left the house Saturday morning to head to my second favorite sanctuary: Hobby Lobby.
I have been planning to buy white gallery frames for-e-ver and have finally decided to do it.
Lame, I know.
Like, seriously, how hard is it to buy frames?
Um, it's not....but what happens afterward is what I was dreading.
Luckily, I needed to stay home most of the rest of the day, so my plan fell into place....sorta.

See.....once the frames are purchased, I have to go through and pick four of our best photos.
Which means, I have to dig up ALL of our digital photos and rifle through them.
Which also means, I need to save them ALL to my external hard drive.
Which then means, I have to find the hard drive, and all the random SD drives I managed to lose when we moved.
Which finally also means, I have to look at ALL of the old photos and cry a little at how cute Burn and Crash look from years past,

and then I find our wedding video, and have to watch both the cut and un-cut versions....and cry some more.

And after everything, I don't even have four photos.
I have 20.

Bayou needs to give me input. Although, I'm sure if there isn't a car in the photo, him no likey.
Sigh....I'm sure if there was a pirate flag in one of them he would choose it.
Maybe I'll just photoshop some throwing stars and a pirate flag into the ones I really like, then have him "pick" those, then erase the flag and stars and print that shit.

On a completely related note, I started light therapy just over a week ago.
I figured I would try something that wasn't drug related before I chalk up any dough for therapy and meds.
I think I have some form of Season Affective Disorder.
I turn into a sad, mean, depressed, withdrawn, funky bitch after Christmas and it hits its peak by late January.
I can't deal with the cold, and the darkness, and the sweaters and layers, and indoor isolation, and itchy skin....any. longer.
And I take it all out on Bayou.
He is so very lucky to have married me.
So...I did a little research and purchased myself this lil' gadget.
Yay for Amazon Prime's 2 day shipping and Yay to reviews.
I love both of those thing so very much.
How could I ever make decisions for myself?  :)
Anyways, the instructions say to blind yourself with this little lamp for 20-30 minutes each morning.

But don't look at the light... Carol-Anne.
This ish is BRIGHT, y'all.

I either have indirectly pointed at my face whilst working out or getting ready, and I think it might be helping a bit.
Also, I may or may not have brought it into the shower with me on a rushed morning and hung it on the opposing towel rod.

Confession, I did.
Kids, don't try this at home....more than once.

Although, I must admit, we had some shockingly warmer days this week and a lot more sunlight, so maybe it's all in vain.
Regardless, I will be keeping with it.
It does seem to give me a bit more energy.
And I have only flipped out on Bayou once since I started using it...so I would say it's a win-win all around.

And with that, I'm Out.