Feb 10, 2014

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a term used to submerge an individual into transforming themselves for the better.
We typically think of boot camp as a sort of intense training for weight loss and/or muscle building.
Most people would fare to agree that this type of training sets you up for a life time of quality life skills, both mental and physical.

A lot of times boot camp comes into play when you have been trying to make positive changes for yourself or others, but can't seem to quite get it right.

It's a time to reach out for help, knowing you can flourish if you just had someone else to motivate you enough to make a difference.
Having a team of people that are not emotionally attached to you....forcing you to make a difference in yourself...for the better.

Some people do it for fun, regardless of results.
A chance to connect with friends or make new, long lasting relationships.

Nothing wrong with that....but it's a huge commitment and not one that I would personally take so lightly.

The majority feel as though boot camp is meant to consolidate the work into long and intense days, knowing the results and success will come quicker (that's what she said).

So am I participating in Boot Camp?


Sorry. Not meaning to brag, but I am a pretty good self-motivator and can keep myself in check.

It's for my dog.

Now...back the train up.
I am sure you are thinking.....way to go champ..you can't even get your dogs to behave.
And you would be right, to an extent.

But it's not without years of relentless effort for the opposite.
I have spent countless hours and dollars on techniques and gadgets to train these two dogs to act like normal.
Some work....most don't.
Our work schedules are just too hectic and my patience is wearing thin.
With the recent issues, that seem to just be doubling as the day goes on, we have been considering more drastic measures.
But our goal is to exhaust all resources before we make the call to remove anyone from our home.
It's not a bridge I want to cross....believe me.
But I look at my my scarred body and my mental state and honestly, I can't believe we are living like this sometimes.
I have become very desperate for a change of pace away from constantly worrying about dog fights, or healing the next wound from getting in the middle, or being embarrased to have company over, or what will happen if we ever have kids.

Crash has always been our problem child, but with his small size, we have been able to contain his outbursts and minimize damage.
Burn is only 2 1/2....but is picking up bad habits and I see Crash's ways creep in more and more as the days go by.

I made a call to a well-renowned Obedience Training facility in the area where I took Burn for puppy classes.
This guy is revered as a local Dog Whisperer.

I spilled my guts in a novel-length email and then follow up with a phone call.

"What do you think?" I ask.
And the lady on the phone (presumably Dog Whisperers Wife?) explains to me what she thinks about both dogs.
And the hard truth is with Crash....it will most likely be too little, too late.
Boot camp is not cheap. Nor will it be "fun" per se....for the dogs.
Crash is a force to be reckoned with....and his spinal difficulties we encountered with him as a puppy can flare up at any point.
She is concerned about his well-being, and....to be honest....his time line.
We both agreed it would be best to get him a thorough health exam and just "wait it out".....if you catch my drift. 
That sucks to hear. 
It's not anything I'm not fully aware of, and as much as he has hurt me in the last few years....I don't know how I am going to get through his passing.

As for Burn....he has been fully accepted.
I feel confident that this course can help solidify the foundation of training he so desperately needs.

Boot camp is a two week course where we drop him off with a blanket with our scent, his food, and a kiss on the face, and they train and house him and his other boot camp mates.
They check in with us a few times a week to talk about issues and progress.

I hope the following issues are worked on:

His incessant jumping up and humping all new visitors to our house
His predatory drive to dominate small children
His territorial issues with our home vs. other animals, specifically dogs
His inability to make friends with other dogs anymore (due to Crash)
His territorial issues with food
Commands such as "come" and "stay"

My list seems like a lot.
I hope they can make a dent in most of it.

I will always continue to work with both dogs to improve our lives, but I hope that this (expensive) kick in the ass is what he needs to start showing some respect.

Looks like he could use some work. He's lucky he's so cute

Updates to follow.
TBag. Out.