Jan 9, 2014

You can do it....all night long

So....January seems to be the month that errbody is upgrading their home in some way.
And I just love a trend so I hopped on that damn train.
And I was all, "I'm totally going to have a company come in and just do it for me"
until I looked at my bank account and realized not only do I still have Christmas gift debt, but I actually don't have thousands of additional dollars at my disposal.

Ha....who am I kidding.  Just because you get a big boy house doesn't mean you get the payroll to go with it!

I knew there would be work, I suppose I was just secretly hoping it would just be done and I could go on with my life.

My dreams of renovations have gone from total gut-rehabs to seriously looking at what NEEDS to be done vs. what can wait vs. how much money it would take vs. trying to find a deal and fixing it.

Luckily, Bayou and I are no stranger to getting our hands dirty to upgrade things.
The only difficult part is I actually want everything to look perfect in this house as opposed to 'meh...that looks good enough.'

So it's taking the better half of a couple weeks just paint the walls.
The first room to get a face lift is our entryway sitting room.
You know, one of those rooms you may have had in your house or your grandma's house when you were little but no one ever went into because the furniture and everything in it were worth more than your life?

We have one of those.

It currently contains a WHITE leather sofa from Barbara Barry. A little something I snagged whilst working a rather terrible job as a showroom manager.
At least I got something good from it.

The bad boy on the right

I have also managed to keep it (mostly) white regardless of how many times my dogs seems to trample on it.

The room also holds a black upright piano, a small acrylic coffee table, a gold table lamp, and a beige floor lamp.  The carpet will stay for now, and it is a dull beige color. (Exciting, I know)

I am painting two opposing walls Urbane Bronze from Shermin Williams in a matte finish:

and will be stenciling an over-sized fleur de lis pattern over the matte paint with matching high gloss paint.
It'll be a "now you see it now you don't" kind of eye trickery.

Anyways, I plan to find some kind of quirky old piece of furniture that will get a nice paint job.
The room could also use a pop of neon....although I haven't figured out what.

I did buy out T.J. Maxx of all it had of gold and bronze accents.....so that's covered.

And I plan to hang some over sized white on white gallery frames along an adjoining hallway to make it a little bit more OURS.

I should have uploaded some before pics....which I actually do have, just not in my current posession.

More to come as progress is made.

This is all I have been doing since the New Year so that is why you aren't hearing much from me.
Plus January sucks donkey balls.
Plus if I had balls, they would be frozen to my leg from the fact that it was -40 here on Monday...and I still had to go to work...but I digress.
Plus Bayou has been working insane hours so the time we do get to spend with each other is a fucking treasure. a TREASURE I tell ya!

How many times can I bitch about how all the paint splatters seem to end up in my hair and WHY the dogs manage only to drop their tennis balls into the paint cans?

The answer is probably once before you block my TBags from your updates.

Alright, enough nonsense for now.

DIY TBags. Out.