Jan 15, 2014

A change is in the air....or blog

Good morning.
I don't know if it's due to the -40 degree temps last week, but walking to work today, it almost seemed....dare I say, normal?
Mind you the high is only 20.

The sun is shining and it's time to turn over a new leaf.
I am counting down the days until Spring.
New Year, new ideas, new hopes...all that garbage.

I am still in the midst of my DIY home facelift.
It's a slow process, but knowing my parents will be coming over in a couple weeks for dinner has given me enough motivation to keep moving forward.

The snow has melted just enough that I can see our pool again, or, at least, the cover.
And I catch myself staring longingly out the frosty window wondering what it will be like to jump in the deep end for the first time.

I started blogging a little under two years ago because I had baby-fever but life had other plans for me.
That really hasn't subsided so I tried to focus my time and energy into fitness and other shenanigans.
And....in typical TBag form..I kind of lost my motivation with that as well.
I blame my undiagnosed OCD.
It's not that I don't lurve workin' on my fitness, I just don't feel a huge need to post before and after photos when the last year has basically been "somewhere in the middle, more leaning towards after" photos.

I think my blog needs a re-design, and I need a new challenge.
So while I would love to pay someone to re-design it for me....::cough:: ::cough:: HJ....my stubborn personality is telling me to do it myself.

There is at least 2 more months of gross cold winter so it's the perfect time to wrap up my sitting room renovations and fanci-fy this here blog.

On a completely un-related note....I have been sick three times since Halloween.
That is ridiculous.
And no, I don't get the dreaded flu shot.
I don't because I think it's stupid and have watched countless others get theirs only to be home just as often with the flu as much as I am out.
I blame the incubator that is my office for having to waste my vaca days on actually being sick.

People are dropping like flies.

I think my lack of daily booze consumption, in some form, is what is keeping my immune system on the outs. As I was coming out of yet another sickness coma yesterday, I hopped right back on the drinky pony and suckled down a glass of vino.

I would assume inspiration will come and go as the weeks drole on so the blog re-design should be up and running by like....March?

I don't want to pigeon hole the blog into Mrs. Fitness or Mrs. Psycho Baby making drama or Mrs. Drinks too much....it'll just be what I am....
a rambling chaotic hot mess with a pretty exterior? Sounds perfect.

Turning Pages.
TBag. Out.