Dec 3, 2013

F*%K all the things

Fuck you.
Fuck me.
Fuck all the things.

Fuck trying.
Fuck avoiding.
Fuck making the effort.
Fuck hope.

Fuck testing.
Fuck praying.
Fuck saying "is that a line?"....nope.

Fuck obsessing over forums.
Fuck charts.
Fuck all of you dicks.

Fuck popping pills.
Fuck timing.
Fuck peeing on sticks.

Fuck wishing.
Fuck begging.
Fuck staring and comparing.

Fuck being prepared.
Fuck the people that weren't expecting it.
Fuck the people who had it easy.
Fuck me for daring!

Fuck my lady parts.
Fuck his man junk.
Fucking just isn't working.

Fuck preseed.
Fuck suggestions.
Fuck old wives tales.

Fuck science.
Fuck you High School Health class.
Fuck all the well wishes.
Fuck making me feel better.
Fuck having to wait another month to tell me I'm broken.

Fuck blood work.
Fuck finding something to hold my pee in.
Fuck the dreams.
Fuck the symptoms.
Fuck 3 minutes.
Fuck 5 minutes.
Fuck evaps.
Fuck TTC.

I give up.

Signing off.
(Zero fucks given if I offended you.)

TBag. Out.

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