Dec 31, 2013

2013 Year In Review

Holy. Shit.
I just dug up pics from all the cool shit we did this year and it's pretty unbelievable.

There were some less than fun things that happened, or should I say, didn't happen this year that I won't forget. These things were less than appealing or fun, and I struggled with coming to terms with some of them.

I can only say that they, in turn, made me a bit stronger,
a bit wiser,
a bit more forgiving,
a bit more humble,
maybe more relaxed knowing a lot of shit is out of my hands.

Now onto the stuff that really matters.
The fun stuff!

We were a lot busier than I can remember! (Probably because of the booze)

2013 Started with a bang. We went to a hotel party with our favorite local band and did it up like a total gangsta....poppin' bottles.
(Tonight will be much more low key.....swearsies)

 I whipped my ass into shape by early spring and headed to Miami on vacation where I lost my mind, and my top.

The summer was spent doing lots of activities:

Being sexy in my one piece and goggles

Pool time!
The guys at 4th of July

and the ladeez on the 4th

One of the last pants down photos from one of the last Herd weddings

Chillin' at bars by the river

Wisconsin 4-wheeling trip

Boating to see Huey Lewis

This, obviously, is self explanatory

I turned Dirty 30

And then the biggest event: We moved to our Big Boy Adult House

I reconnected with family.
I watched my dad become the dad I always knew after recovering from a bout of depression.
I am so glad he is in my life.
We also get to spend every day playing and petting and spoiling Crash and Burn:

The Holidays have been a whirlwind from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Shrimp Boil to Christmas.
Lots of time laughing and drinking and spending time with the people that matter the most.


I can't wait to start another crazy year.
New goals.
New opportunities.
New changes.
New fun and exciting things that we are all so blissfully unaware of!

Happy New Year!!
TBag. Out.