Nov 1, 2013

Trials and Tribulations of living in a New Old House

oh hey!
So we realized all too quickly last night that we wouldn't get any trick-or-treaters.

Forgetting that fact that we don't actually live in one of "those" know the ones:

There is also a bit of an obstacle just to get to the front door, meaning, a small mountain of a driveway to scale. Although, with all the drama with fat kids and candy, maybe I would have been doing my honorable duty to keep the kids these days, in tip top form?

We watched one costumed family head down the one and only dead end street by our home in eager anticipation they would climb our driveway to get candy (we were pimpin' full sizers, yo). We watched as they took one quick look up our long ass drive and without fail, keep walking.

And with that...we packed up our candy and headed over to Bayou's brother's house.  Their neighborhood is swarmed with sugar-filled kids AND they had a rather kick ass Haunted House in their neighboorhood.
Seriously....if you live in the area...GO next year.
It's totally worth it and the guy builds all his own props and animatronics. 
I seriously freaked out a couple times with shit that would pop out of corners or tombstones or whatever.

Now back to our house.

Like I said, the new renters of our old house have been living there for almost a week, and we (fingers crossed) haven't heard anything from them yet.
Which is grand considering all the "fun stuff" we have come to learn about the new place.

All can be time, it's just hilarious that we actually thought we could move in with no issues.
Hardy har har

First up? The house has three furnaces.
That's right....THREE.
One for the original house.
One for the addition (JUST the living room)
and One for the well in the garage.

We have found that if the two furnaces that keep the house warm are left on, at the same time, overnight, their draft will cause the pilot light to go out on the water heater.
TBag no likey when it's frigid out and all I wants is a hot shower.

The solution for now?
Turn off the heat to the living room at night.

All of the furnaces and water heater vent through the chimney in the new addition.
But the old owners failed to tell us that little tid bit.

Moving on.
You can't run the dryer and microwave at the same time.
We have no reasonable excuse for this as they are clearly tied onto the same breaker.
But they are. So it's a matter of remembering.

The dryer can't be used on the "High Cotton" setting. I dried my comforter after my Ebola virus (Heaven forbid) and now that setting just doesn't work. 
So it's Medium setting all the way or all the way to Wal-Marts to buy a new one.

Anywho....Not trying to complain too much as this is the month of thanks and all that garbage.
It just seems like we are still struggling to get completely settled in.
I just paid my first mortgage payment so that was awesome.
I am still dreaming of how I would remodel the first floor and the day we tear out the carpeting.
But dreaming and actually have moola are two terribly different things.
Thank the lawd for Pinterest and wine until then!!

Have a great weekend!
TBag. Out.