Nov 7, 2013


Let's talk about gadgets, shall we?

So....about a year ago I flipped my shit trying to upload and edit a video on YouTube.

Flipped out so much that I launched my laptop across the room.

Buh bye hard drive.

Luckily I had an "in" with the IT guy at work and he managed to fix my computer to make it work.
The only downside is that anything I had saved on my desktop (which was fucking everything.....rookie mistake) was lost.

This also means that all my CD uploads to my iPod now only exist on my iPod.
For whatever reason, all my iTunes shit is messed up and I am hella nervous to mess with it for fear of wiping everything off forever and always.

I have been chatting with the nerds at work who indicated I needed some ripping software.
Of course I start giggling at the word ripping.....geez.

But in all seriousness, I have to rip everything from my archaic iPod to my desktop, then back that shit up on an external hard drive.
Which I still have to buy.

I feel like I am way behind the times with technology.

Bayou can barely type which means my measly brain has to figure out all this shit.

Also? I am due to switch phone providers as US Cellular has been bought out with Sprint.

Bayou smashed the screen of my current phone, which is fine, because I hate this POS with a passion.
I can't wait to switch, but again, it costs money.

And again, I have to back up all my shit.

Which means I have to find the right cords and head to the Googles to make sure I'm doing it right.

Because everything on the interwebs is true.
::side eye::
I should have no issues rifling through the garbage.

Also? I think I need to start reading more.
Well, more than US Weekly and Shape.

I do enjoy reading, but what I love more is a good deal.

Christmas is right around the corner so I'm hoping I can train Bayou to buy me some sort of Kindle from Amazon and then I can try out their Prime Membership they keep wanting me to purchase.

Look out 2014!
I'm coming at you with nerd-bombs a blazin'!

Techy TBag. Out.

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