Nov 22, 2013

Riding the maintenance work out pony

Guess what happens when another blogger, I won't name names, *Ahem* Holly, holds you accountable for your fitness journey and send you praise but the reality if your fitness journey is now basically non-existent?

Oh get back on that damn horse and keep it rockin'.

Here's what I have been up to:

We moved.
It was a shit storm of stress/emotions/drinking...etc, etc.

I didn't really work out as much as I would have liked.
Read: I didn't. At all.

And then we finally got settled in and my measly workout gear found a new home in the guest bedroom.
And it stayed there, untouched, because I just didn't "feel like it" for another month.

I did start running here and there, but nothing consistent.

And then?
Then I had another meltdown about another negative HPT and not only jumped back on that damn treadmill, but I bit the bullet and paid a small fortune for a local hot yoga classes.

So what's my routine now?

Since it's cold out and I seriously hate running outdoors in less than 60 degree workout has moved indoors.

It's not consistent. I'm not going to lie.
I don't weigh myself, but I do know that I haven't gained any weight.  At least not any that is noticeable.
My clothes still fit normally.
I think.
No camel toe that I've (wanted people to) noticed.

Anyways, 1-3 times per week, I hop my ass onto my treadmill, and at varying inclines and speeds, power walk with weights on my ankles, a la the Prancercise lady.

came toe and all, folks
 Also included in my sexy get-up?
Weighted boxing gloves.

So I'll jam out with my camel clam out on the treadmill, walking as briskly as the tunes take me, varying the incline more for the choruses, all while doing various punches, jabs, upper cuts, etc.
That's right people....a tad hard than walking and chewing gum. And I've only mis-stepped and fallen once!

I do this until I feel like I am going to die, then I push a little further, then I hop off and grab a sip of water.

That usually goes on for 20-25 minutes.
The last 5-10 minutes of the workout are running sprints at 3-5% incline between 6-8.5mph.

Then I fall off the treadmill and gasp for air on the ground.

If I am feeling really motivated, I will get my ass up at 5:30am and fit in a quickie kettlebell workout.
I try to mix up standard kettlebell moves, using either my 20 or 30 pound bell, with pilates inspired ab and leg exercises, and then some push-ups for a little something extra.

This morning workout is max 15-20 minutes.

Saturday mornings is Hot Yoga.
So dudes...I am not, in any way, what you would call flexible.
I like the whole idea of Hot Yoga because it is actually really hard, but the warmth of the room is appealing plus it gets me to loosen up more.
I feel like I am pulled in a million different directions through out the week, and this class forces me to focus on my breathing and getting the moves done correctly, then holding them for a millionty hours.

I sweat so...SOOOOO much though.
I love it because I don't have to bother with ANY make-up or a cute ponytail.

(And don't lie ladies...most of you know that you are still dabbing on concealer or a touch of mascara, at least, to go to the gym....I'm guilty of that shit too.)

This is my workout routine currently outside of my standard walking to and from the train and work, which, I believe, amounts to a few miles a day as well.

What do you guys like do for Maintenance Mode, if you're there?

Namaste, bitches.
TBag. Out.

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