Nov 5, 2013

Hurry up and wait

I've been staring at this blank blogger template for days.
OK..not days but like, many minutes, for the past two days.

I'm all....."I don't have anything to write about!! How can this be??"

And then I just stopped thinking (hardy har...I's not hard for me to do that)
and realized WHY I can't think of anything to write about.

I am in that sweet week of a cycle where there is still hope.
I'm not even sure why this one would be any different that any other one that has failed miserably.

I really am trying hard not to focus on it, but it seems that, with each passing day, I start to get a little more neurotic.  I just notice myself thinking about it more and more often.

Work has been crazy busy recently. I swear, it goes 150% or nothing in the blink of an eye.

I haven't had much motivation to work out this week.
When I'm sick, it knocks out my workout routine instantly as the asthmatic band geek in me comes out in full force and I'm stuck gasping for air at the top of a flight of stairs.

I'm fine now, but my normal Tuesday/Thursday kettlebell mornings haven't had much appeal.
Hopefully Saturday morning Hot Yoga will get me back in the swing of things.

I spent 44 of the 48 hours this weekend putting away Halloween decorations, cleaning the house, and trying to get more boxes unpacked (yes, we still have MANY unpacked boxes).

Disclaimer: First World Whining in 3, 2,.....
It is exhausting keeping up with a house that is twice the size of the last.
We don't have kids with a million toys, but we DO have dogs that SHED enough hair to equal one entire other dog in each room.  Good lawd there are not enough Swiffer pads in the world to stay on top of it.

And the carpet.....OH the carpet!!! I didn't even know there were specific carpet cleaners and vacuums to deal with the funk that is now permanently embedded in its fibers.

I bought all the cleaners Target had and all the room fresheners as well Sunday morning.
I don't want to be the house that guests come over and crinkle their nose in disgust for how gross it smells due to the zoo of animals we house.

Bayou is out for most of the evening tonight.
Which means I have a choice of drinking wine by myself and watching garbage TV while my fur beasts climb all over me....OR take a yoga class and be productive.
I didn't leave the city limits last night until 7pm so I'm thinking sitting around sounds pretty damn good for tonight.

Plus....the Goldberg's are on.
Do you watch this EPIC show?
I mean.....this show WAS my life in the 80's.
To a T.
The mom and her lavish feathered hair and sparkly oversized sweaters with leggings.
The dad, yelling and not wearing pants.
The sibling rivalry.
The whole she-bang.

Those TV people really found a gem of a show that is actually hilarious to watch on a Tuesday night!

Anyways, nothing but parties and chaos and poppin' bottles and you can see.

Life is rather boring a bit just before the inevitable holiday chaos!!!

Until next time my friends.
Classy TBag. Out.

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