Oct 8, 2013

This is Halloween

What a sad sap I was last week. I hate those weeks!
I kicked it into high gear this weekend and forced myself to stop actin' a fool and start acting more like a normal human being.

I am sure you are glad as well.

I don't normally do weekend recaps but this one was jam packed with good times.
To me anyways.
I hardly left the house.
All I need to make me happy are mountains of Halloween decor just waiting to be assembled, and some decent weather to do it in!

We watched Iron Man Three and that shit was awesome.
Anything with Robert Downey in it and you can bet your ass I can sit still long enough to stare at his face for a entire movie.

I live across the street from a Middle School.
It was Homecoming. And I just happen to face the band room.
Most people would hate that shit but I seriously jump with joy when I hear them practicing.
Remember I am a former band geek!?

So they are dragging their snare drums and tubas onto a bus and I am dragging my Halloween props down the driveway to set up the Cemetery.

Four handmade props, a pile of foam tombstones and some spooky lighting and you have yourself a little undead burial ground.
Isn't she precious?

Nevermind the fact that it took exactly 7 extension cords and ten pounds of electrical tape to make the lights work.
I am clearly giving Griswold a run for his money.

Next up?
The front porch.

Here, nestled behind the security of the gates, is where I break out the expensive store bought props.

The proper lighting, a little shit ton of duct tape, some of Bayou's old fatigues, and an enormous flying Devil, and here is our entry.

These two scenes took exactly twelve hours to set up.

And then it rained.
A lot.
And I worried every second of the night that all my hard work would melt away.

But guess what?
That shit stayed solid!
No blowing away, no crumbling to the ground, nothing.

I needed to accomplish three things.
Clean half of the house and do some laundry, get dinner started, and set up my interior Halloween decorations.

I was up at 6:30am.
Luckily, Dominicks opens at 7am so I threw on my Sundays finest (think yoga pants, an oversized sweatshirt, and faux Uggs) and headed out.
I was making crockpot chili and some homemade corn muffins (thanks for the tip, Courtney!) so I needed a few ingredients and fuel for the day.

The fuel came in the form of seventy billion pounds of sugar.
Two frosted, sprinkle donuts and a pumpkin spice latte.

Halfway through I started to twitch so figured it was enough.

My parents were coming over for the game and some good food, so I had to deliver.
Plus, anything made in a crockpot stretches for days, so no cooking Monday! Score!

Am I the only one who giggles with delight for Halloween?
What do you do for decorations?

Terrifying TBag. Out.