Oct 4, 2013

The sads

If you follow me on Facebook, then you know I posted a sad comment last night.
Sorry people, it's not always sunshine and roses.

I am usually one to spew hilariousness, and sometimes rage, and sometimes some motivation, but the sads tend to stay on lock down.

Not to mention, I was close to being drunk, and I kind of freaked myself out that it was alcohol related.
It wasn't, by the way, but booze sure does as fuel to the fire, or crying.

I feel like sharing my sads makes me seem weak.
But if I'm not honest, then what's the point?
I suppose I AM weak from time to time. I can't ALWAYS have this hard, sassy exterior!
So this is how it goes.

Sads now. And no judging.

Things are better today.
Hell, they weren't even bad last night.

Sometimes a girl just needs a little random cry, whether it be in the shower, or into a pillow, or just right there, sitting on the couch, with a mostly empty glass of wine, out in the open, with two bulldogs staring at you because they think it might be their fault. 

I have my reasons for what prompted the sads, which most people, if you have followed my blog for a bit, already know.
So I did the logical thing and called my mom.

Haven't talked to her in a couple weeks and it was nice to hear her voice.
I sat on my front porch and chatted for a bit, as the dogs scoured our property.

And just like that, I was feeling better, and then the sap was over when reality bitch slapped me as I watched my oldest pup chasing a skunk.
My shrieks were enough to kick that damn skunk into high gear, as he took off, white tail slicing through the wind.
He made it off our property, and what's better, I didn't have to hose off any dogs this time.

Win for me.

No one puts baby in the corner.
TBag. Out.