Oct 21, 2013

Just Say Yes

It's Monday.
I had a rather successful and fulfilling weekend seeing as it started out on kind of a shitty note.

See, remember that Halloween Movie Marathon I was planning for?
Well, it didn't happen.
I had a slew of cancellations at the 11th hour and the last chunk of them happened as I was standing in Binny's.

The bright side?
I had yet to make any serious purchases for the evening. Besides booze, but that's alright with me.

But I was bummed.
So I went home and had a pity party to Bayou.
I really was upset.

I started doubting my likeability as a person, my ability to throw parties, the whole shebang.

Do I smell? Am I the smelly girl that people play nice around but really don't want to see?

Now, I did have a couple people still willing to commit.
But both of them had a bit of a drive and I felt terrible having them trek all the way out to my house for nothing.

I took a nap to clear my head.
And woke up with a new perspective.
Maybe people just aren't as into Halloween as I am.

I am quite obsessed.

Maybe people just didn't see this party as much of a big deal as I did.
Maybe I was expecting too much.

So I decided, that I can't force people to get into the spirit.
Can't force them to watch horror flicks.
Can't make them WANT to get spooky with it.

But I CAN make ME happy.

I can choose to indulge in all things spooky and haunted and terrifying on my own terms.

Sunday we were supposed to go over to my parents as my Dad and brother share the same birthday.
My mom seemed flustered with planning.
This is where I shine.
 "Why don't you guys just come over to my place? The house is already clean!"

She agreed and now I get to show off my Halloween decor and still make some spooky food and dranks.
Plus! Everyone wanted BBQ but since the good places don't deliver, I decided to try my hand at some fatty affair.
Dinner was served with crockpot pulled pork sandwiches, baked bacon mac n' cheese, and grilled ribs.

To. Die. For.

Everyone had a blast and I felt redeemed in my efforts.

I love hosting at my new house.
Love that people can spread out and stay as needed.
Love that a little effort can go a long way.
There will be more parties in the future, big and small.

And I think these days, everyone is being pulled in different directions with a million different responsibilities.
But it's important to remember to try and make time to just go to the thing you think you won't enjoy.
I can say I have failed at this myself. A lot actually.

I need to keep telling myself to Just. Go.

Step outside your comfort zone.
You might meet some really cool people and learn something new.

But we have to make the effort.
Like I said, I was Queen of backing out.

It sucks when no one wants to show up and you are on the receiving end of that.

So, I am going to make a conscious effort to say Yes more.
Even though the weather is getting much colder and all I want to do is curl up on the couch in front of the fire.
I will go.

Join me, won't you?
I am sure there are at least three people you can think of off the top of your head that maybe you blew off because you just didn't feel like it, or it was too windy, or whatever.

Reach out to those people and plan something.
I know I will be.
And on that note, sorry for the rant. I suppose I needed to give myself a pep talk as well.

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TBag. Out.