Oct 29, 2013

I think I have Ebola, and here's why

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I stayed home sick today.

I may or may not have contracted Ebola and may or may not be high as Hell off of Benadryl.

So here are the reasons that are probably leading to me dying a slow death by drowning in a pile of my own snot.

Nice visual, eh?  You're welcome.

Saturday morning I went to Hot Yoga.
It is my newest obsession.
I tend to be overly slightly OCD with all the little details in my life and in the lives of everyone around me, and it makes me have a huge stick up my ass and Bayou wants to drop kick me in the vagina to get me to chillax.

And this class?  While I am trying to not make a complete ass out of myself while attempting a head stand or crow pose or whatever, I forget all the dumb things in my life.
All the worries.
All the insecurities.

I am only concerned to do well in that class.

After this class, I b-line it over to my old house meet Bayou and give our new tenants a quick walk through.
And collect our money, of course.

I shake hands with them. They look like they may have been getting over colds, but I ignore it and get the Hell out of dodge.

Next up?
Shopping with my mom.
Who is sick.
And didn't bother saying anything until we were out.
But she "found some old antibiotics" (WTF) and was on day 4.
I am sure they are still just as potent as new ones......sigh.

We buy all the things and fly home.

Next up?
Halloween Party!

Bayou went as a Van Halen-esque rock star, and I his Skeleton Groupie.

What I mean is....I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, so I just put on everything.

Bayou kept talking while we were taking pictures, so that's why he has duck face in most of them.

I must have had a good time because I found all of our clothes strewn all over the house the next morning.

Pretty successful evening considering we threw this together in 30 minutes (including the homemade spike bra!!)

Sunday was rather relaxed. I bummed around and ate a bunch of garbage in the morning, went for a run, then we headed out for an early bird special dinner at a little sushi place within walking distance from our place.

So that's it.
The Benadryl is making me tired again so I'm out.

Check back Thursday as I am co-hosting so Ghoulish Dranks with Kristin from Hopelessly Ever After!!