Oct 18, 2013

Halloween Movie Night

I think my age is showing.

No worries, my coo is covered.
I'm just saying that this Halloween, although I am DEFINITELY in the spirit of the holidayz, I don't have much desire to figure out a good costume, or to wear said costume anywhere, or all that jazz.

No, this year I wanted to host a little spooky gathering with some ladies of the night, sit back, watch some scary movies, drink some spooky libations and eat some spooky food.

That's right, Martha Stewart the shit out of one night.

Well friends, that night is tomorrow.

And guess what I have planned?

Not a damn thing.

Ha....I am really, REALLY good at procastinating.  So good I surprise myself.

Here is what I do know:

1) There will popcorn with the movies.  I was thinking about mixing some orange  and black M&M's with the popcorn, but do you think they will all just settle in the bottom?
 In my head it looks like this:

 This pic seems to have a coating on the popcorn......anyone have an easy recipe for this shit?

2) There will be movies.

Guess what?  We just moved. And I have no idea where our Blu-Ray is so I am stuck with our old DVD player from 2000-something that takes exactly 3 minutes to OPEN the fucking DVD tray.

And I have no Halloween movies. On demand?  Sure. 
Let's hope some of the guests bring some good options.....

3) Spooky Decorations?  Check and check.

4) Eery Libation?  I will be making these:

Bloody Scary Recipe
That black shit on top?
That be black vocca.....I know!

Can't wait. I have been testing out my layering skills, and so far I fail miserably.......

5) I bought these cute, I mean SPOOKY, pastas to make a creepy pasta salad:

Buy it at World Market!!
I'm sure I will have a few more tricks up my sleeve before tomorrow's festivities.....but I need your help!

Have any easy recipes or suggestions for Halloweenie appetizers or snacks?

What about any other easy dranks?

Also....what is your FAVORITE spooky movie??
I'm not into all that torture shit...I like the jumpoutoftheclosetscareyourpantsoff type of movies!!

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Spooookay TBag. Out.