Oct 23, 2013

Costume Par-tay

I wanted to start off this post real quick like with a little shout out to all the new followers of my TBags.
Hey there!
I hope you are, at best, dismally impressed.
I spend minutes working on what I spew out of my mouthhole and onto the interwebs every couple of days.

I wanted to reach out and support Kristin, but seeing as I didn't actually know how these giveaways work, or how to promote them, I am SHOCKED, to say the least, of how many of you want to support ME as well.
Or maybe you just really, really want some free goodies.

Which is fine too.
Let's not kid ourselves.

But maybe once you start seeing my shiny face in your inbox or newsfeed more often, click around, stay awhile, you may find something you like!!

Oh, and of course, there is still time for entries for the GIVEAWAY!
Contest ends October 25th!

Now back to the real reason for writing today.
Over the weekend we were invited to a Halloween party.
And at first I'm all,

But then I was all,

"TBag, play it cool, remember what happened last time you got too excited??"

And this little event means one thing:


Dudes, here's the deal. I don't think this party is going to have a million people at it so there is no need to go crazy buying or making something extravagant.
There is no contest (besides the one inside my head) and no prizes.

Bayou, of course, wants me to "dress appropriately" and go as a Cheerleader or a Nurse or something just god awful and well, freezing.

Did I mention I hate being cold AND slutty??
Those two in tandem make me have a rage stroke.

I'm 30, not 21, and yes, I know, Twerk what you got, but why can't I be a little SCARY for something crazy like HALLOWEEN?!!

Not to mention, Bayou needs a costume as well, and you don't see me asking him to be a naughty fireman (or maybe I DID ask, but he just started laughing).

We'll just save that junk for the bedroom.
Bow chica bow wow!!

Jebus TBag, stay on track and stop drooling.

So I need a costume with the right amount of skank and scary, on the cheap.
I suppose I could ask your mom what she wears on the weekend but that would be too easy......like your mom.


Then everyone is happy.

I'm good with face makeup.
I have a decent variety of wigs.
I owe some skanky clothes and a few pre-made costumes.
Now it's a matter of deciding a theme and what, if any, accessories need to be purchased or made.

Any ideas?
Are you going to a Halloween party?
What are you dressing as?
Do you still do the "couples costume?"
Gag me, I can't anymore.

The party is Saturday. I will make sure to take pics of what I can come with.

Skankerific Spooky TBag. Out.