Sep 23, 2013

This is a story....Part 2

Just catching up or new around here?
I'm rappin' about the brief, and boring, history of how Bayou and I came to be in our new digs.

Here is Part 1 to catch up.

We were deflated.
It seemed like we would be stuck in this home for the long haul, because, well....what could we do?

We couldn't, at the time, consider ever floating two mortgages if we found a home but couldn't sell.
We couldn't sell our place for anything but hope to break even.
We didn't have the time to scurry home and have weekday showings. I was getting home between 7:30-8pm most nights only to get up at 4:30am and do it all over again.
Bayou was leaving the house by 6am and not returning until 5pm.
And we had pets! When would we clean?!
We looked into refinancing to a 15 year loan instead. Pay more per month and get out quickly.
That never quite happened.
We always needed the money for something, it seemed.
Days creeped to weeks and weeks turned to months and before we knew it, it had been years since we talked about ever leaving this home of ours.
Work-wise, we both found misfortune that ended up being blessings in disguise.
I was at a couple back to back jobs that I absolutely hated. They both started off great, but the true colors of both of my bosses quickly came to the forefront and I found myself overworked and worthless feeling. And you can believe me that I would be the first person to dig in and work at a job until it's done, giving my all, working from the bottom up.
I am a far cry from Generation Entitlement.
You want something, you damn sure better be willing to work hard to get what you think you deserve and prove your worth.
I knew these two jobs were the pits. The first one was exactly like Devil Wears Prada.

When they had finally exhausted my skill set, I was let go and left to fend for myself on unemployment pay for three months during Christmas.

It was not even two weeks after I was let go that Bayou proposed to me.
On Christmas Eve.
I dove into wedding planning during those next few months while still searching for a job. Any job.
I was over being a Designer in a catty world filled with Plastics.
Over the drama.
Over the need to prove myself based on who I wore, or what this or that cost.
Tired of being stepped on for caring.
I needed a career change.

Alright folks, that's all for now!
Part 3 to follow.

TBag. Out.