Sep 30, 2013

Did you know sweet potatoes are amazing?

So, I still don't feel 100% at home in the new joint.
I know, it's only been two weeks.
But I am realizing a lot of my tchochke crap that fills the corners of every room and the face of the fridge and a million additional Halloween decorations and probably my good dishes, are all still sitting in a pile in Bayou's shop.
You know, to get rid of the clutter for our feeble attempts to sell our house?

Speaking of Halloween.
Our new house presents new challenges with Halloween decorating.
Good and bad.

The good?
I have a seriously large plot of land from our house to the street with many oak trees that I am planning to use as some type of zombie cemetery.
The bad?
I have no idea if we get any Trick-or-Treaters.
We aren't exactly in a row house subdivision. You practically have to scale a small mountain to get to the front door.
So, while I have this front yard space to fill, I am venturing into new territory by building my own creepy props.
The only issue is I have practically zero patience for stupid things like "drying time" and "second coats."
I just want it to be done. Now!
My first attempt at paper mache was a small disaster. I get the damn chicken wire into a frame that I like and start applying strips of paper with watered down carpenters glue. Once all the paper strips were in place in a gloppy mold, I picked up the frame and the entire face fell off.


Then, deciding you wouldn't see the back of its head anyways (that's what she said), finished the dome by duct taping the rest.
After throwing a ginormous small hissy fit, I went to the bathroom to soak my now yellow stained hands from that shit glue.
Bayou found a bunch of those tomato cages in our woods (weird, right?) and saved me from having a complete meltdown.
Now the head and neck frames have a cage body that I can cover in drapey cheesecloth.

So, as I wait for my bulk order of said cheesecloth to arrive, I am looking for inspiration on different ghouly shapes for the remaining props.

Also, I suppose it's worth mentioning that Bayou "discovered" sweet potatoes on Friday.
I have made these potatoes for years.
All ways! Baked, fried, frenched, ha.
And he would take one bite and decide they are not his thing.
He comes home on Friday to tell me his coworkers made "this awesome grilled potato and we HAVE TO MAKE THEM THIS WEEKEND!!"

I asked him what it was and he says,

"You take a sweet potato, wrap it in foil, and grill the shit out of it."

He is off on a tangent so I let it slide that we have danced this dance before.
Enter Sunday dinner.
I sat in a recliner with my fat dogs sipping wine while Bayou feverishly grilled up salmon and his new favorite side, Mrs. Sweet Potato.

He's happy. I'm Happy.

TBag. Out.