Aug 30, 2013

Dear Buyer....

An Open Letter to the Buyer of our Home:

Dear Buyer, we think we need to break up with you.

We gave it a good run, and for a second you had us second guessing the validity of our home and it's contents.
You almost had us convinced that maybe something will cause a total meltdown in our home the second you walk in and you will be SOL. But we found our strength to move on.
We tried, we really did!
You asked us to change, and while it felt a bit uncomfortable, we agreed to.
To keep you!
But change was met with silence and we feel like we need more communication in this relationship.
We can tell you don't have much to offer, and what if we keep going at this pace and you blindly dump us just before we reach the altar?
We would be crushed.

I know it's tough sometimes.
This whole commitment thing can be scary.
It's like gambling with your life.
We were hoping you would trust us by letting you into the place we called home for ten years.
A place where memories have been made and new lives were brought home and love was shared.
The place of both happiness and hardships.
A place we felt safe and content.

We hoped you would feel the same way too.
That you would share good times and bad times within these walls.
These walls that have been painstakingly designed and manicured and upgraded.
These walls that sheltered us from the bad and brought the good closer.

It seems as though maybe you are not ready.
Not ready to get your hands dirty.
Not ready to take a deep breathe and dive into the deep end.
Not ready for unexpected issues that could arise.

Not ready for life.
A real life to call all your own.
A life you get to mold, without roommates, or loud neighbors, or worries that you will be judged.

You saw our shiny glittery parts and you wanted in!
You wanted them so bad you didn't stop to think HOW they got to be glittery in the first place.
You only saw the fun side of us. the side that likes to party and have a good time.

But what about our serious side?
The side that takes effort and knowledge to keep running smoothly?
That side is more important. And it's not fun, and I'm sorry but it's a harsh reality to own up to.

So with that, I bid you many successful days in a place that truly is shiny and new, with no worries and no stress. But maybe a bit boring, with more rules, and more neighbors that may not be pleasant.

One day you will be ready for a grown up, tough, relationship.
And you will find that special one to call yours.
But today is not that day, and we are not that home.
And we will not be waiting for your phone call.
We have moved on in the hopes that someone will see our true beauty behind the glitter, and behind our imperfections.
They're out there.
We just have to allow happen.

All our love,
The G's.