Jun 26, 2013

Weekend Ridiculous-ness

So this post coincides with Courtney's WWWW link-up (What We Wore Wednesdays).

This is my first get-up from over the weekend.  I needed the "perfect" outfit for semi-cooler weather, a lot of gravel and sand, and to look "classy" but not too ridiculous for a biker bar/boating pit-stop.

Do I have your attention yet?


Perfect.  This is What I Wore.

Sheer Crop Top: last season, ideeli.com
Hot Pink Bandeau: Tar-jay
Necklace: Express
Camo skinnies: Gap
Nude Wedges: DSW...last season
Sunnies: Tar-jay

Bayou "dressed the part as well" and by that, I mean, wore his usual clothes.

Trans-Am t-shirt, oakleys, and jeans.

What is waiting for me each morning

The following day we headed out on a boat with some family and friends to the Huey Lewis concert.
We almost didn't make it because the waves were so high.
Three hours into the trip and the waves finally mellowed out.  I only have to major bruises to show for the whole debacle.
Luckily, we had a gallon of John Daley's to tide us over. Between two ladies. Boom. We finished that shit.

First drink in....still looking good!!

Bayou and his "Smooth Character" jug of beer

This, I suppose, would be "Outfit #2"
Sweater: my SIL's....we switched shirts at some point
That frilly striped thing below? Part of my bikini....on the OUTSIDE of my jeans
Jeans: Gap
Accessories? Dirty hair, a hippy band, and vodka breath

No More drinky?  NEVER.

We made it to Huey!!

Rock On!

The guys accessorized with Viking Helmets

Crazy eyes made an appearance on the way home.  Nice to meetcha.

I spent Monday sleeping until 2pm and chugging iced Green Tea as my pee was neon yellow.
I'm too old for this shit, I swear.
Until next weekend....and I'll forget I ever said that.

Booze Canoe Fashion.
TBag. Out.