Jun 5, 2013

Setting the bar low.....what I'm wearing

Oh hey gurrrl, HEY!

I'm linking up today with my homegirl Courtney and bringing a little trash to her classy food blog.

You should do it too. 

Me? I tried, and took a picture in my office bathroom this morning of my sassy outfit. 

Voila.  These are the clothes I wear to impress people. Aren't you impressed?

Maxi dress and 3/4 length blazer from Kohl's (Lauren Conrad).
Necklace: Express (and it's broken....so there ya go)

And this is what shit looks like on the weekends when it's cold out and we have no plans:

We didn't have anything to do so I dragged both dogs up to the Hubs shop, and we walked in mud and drank beers. 
You are so jealous right now, I can feel it.

The jeans are from Gap, ages ago, and you can tell because there are enormous holes in the knees made bigger every time I catch my feet in them.
Hoodie? Hollister....the one time I shopped there in High School....which was over 10 years ago. Sigh.

And I'm bringing a lil' sumthin' sumthin' back for your viewing pleasure.
I saw this lady walking ahead of me on my way to work and her hair was all fucked up, so OF COURSE I skidded up behind her to get a closer look.

There are 3 rollers still attached to her hair.
In public.
For those of you in the Chicago area.....we were less than one block away from the Merchandise Mart, and it was 8am.  
Why in the fucking Hell do people find this acceptable to do?
She is clearly on the way to work, as made apparent by the nasty blazer and briefcase she was carrying.
Did she REALLY not have an extra minute and a half to let them set while she got dressed and keep a little dignity?
I guess not.

And there you have it.
Classy me.
Trashy me.
And another hob goblin roaming the streets of Chicago.

TBag. Out.