Jun 6, 2013

Make mine a Double....Thirsty Thursday Link-Up

Time to pour another one out for my homie.

Alicia is hosting Thirsty Thursday's link-up today.  You should join!
We talk about boozes we have drank, are drinking now, and will be drinking in the future.
Get some ideas and tell her your fave!

My drink today is a twist on an old timey favorite: the Tom Collins

I <3 Mr. Collins more than, almost as much as I <3 Bayou sometimes.  He's that good.

And lucky for me, Bayou has a family that loves Tom as much as I do and they have adjusted his ingredients to, dare I say, make it even MORE delicious.

But I'll do it two ways (that's what she said)

The good ole' stand by and our modification.

Ready? Go!

My Way:
Into a shaker: 2 oz Gin (I prefer Hendrick's)
1.5 oz FRESH lemon juice
1 oz Simple
Dash of Maraschino cherry juice

Shake that shit up with some ice, ice baby
Strain into a high ball glass

Top with 7-Up
Garnish with a cherry and orange slice

Drink 10 of them.

Their Way:
Into a high ball glass: 1.5 oz gin (They suggest Tanquery)
1 oz lemon juice
.5 oz simple
Top with Seltzer
Garnish with lemon wedge and cherry......


And then you'll end up looking like this:

Hopelessly Ever After
I have no Shame.
TBag. Out.