Jun 22, 2013

Let's call it Maintenance

Well good morning!

I kept thinking that Holly would be doing the "1 month results Ab Challenge" yesterday so I prepared by eating cupcakes and drinking. 
PS- Homegirl....are we doing that? If so...holla atcha gurl!

Anywho...I, along with most people in the blogosphere, did the same thing....and quit after 2 weeks. 
Not that I don't want to have super awesome killer 8 pack abs. It's just not my thang, apparently.

I dedicated to doing it 3 full times the first week....then a pile of workouts the second week, then not a damn thing the third week, and I went running twice this last week.  Does that count?
Maybe not.
So let's call this photo comparison....maintenance.



This is what the rest of the summer will inevitably look like. 
No weight fluctuations.
No crazy diets.
No 8 packs. Unless it's a portion of a 12 pack....of beer.
Just me, and my mediocre body, in my mediocre life to those that don't know me.
But to me....it's extroadinary.

I'm in a good place, you see.
I don't know if it's these new vitamins I'm taking daily.....they do claim they are "natural prozac"....but I just don't really have that crusty anger that bubbles to the surface on a weekly basis.
Don't get me wrong...this last week has been rather trying with work.
My dogs are actin' a fool on a daily basis.

Don't let those jowls fool ya....they are quietly scheming

The weather has been decent, nothing to complain there.
I don't know.  I just feel....calm.
It's weird. 

Maybe it's age. I'm pushing dirty 30 and feel like I'm coming to accept and be very, very peaceful with who I am, how I look, how people look at me...where I'm at.  I've never been one to "follow the crowds"....I've kind of always stood out (in probably a weird-girl way)....but have never apologized for that.
All of it.
That week hiatus of workouts and blogging made me realize that I actually DON'T want to be "one of the popular ones" in the blogging world. 
It's not me.
Not that I don't love finding new blogs and "meeting" new writers.....but I just can't keep up with all the link-ups and gifts and such.
I like just writing about what I like....and that's cool with me.
I hope people keep reading regardless of how many or how little link-ups or giveaways or trash I talk.
I will still do some here and there.
I'm hoping to be a bit more selective.
Because I can.
This is my blog and I do what I want!  Ha.  That sounded childish.
Maybe I'll blog 5 times a week...maybe it'll be just once.
But buhlee you me, it will be a topic that is important to my life at that moment.

I got a nice little long weekend ahead of me complete with watching Huey Lewis from the shore of Chicago.
We will finally do our taxes (I know! So exciting), and we have cars that need emmissions testing.
So all in all.....it will be extroadinary and boring at the same time.
Just how I like it.

Until next time fools.
TBag Out.