Jun 29, 2013

300/30 Ab Challenge Results

 What do you get when you "attempt" to do abs for "30 days" with Holly and Petit Athleat

This is 50% slacking, 50% running a tad more and some abs here and there.  And maybe a bit BM the night before...which of course makes me feel supah skinny  y'all.  Ha. Gross.  Delete that from your memory.

Ready?  Go!
Jun 26, 2013

Weekend Ridiculous-ness

So this post coincides with Courtney's WWWW link-up (What We Wore Wednesdays).

This is my first get-up from over the weekend.  I needed the "perfect" outfit for semi-cooler weather, a lot of gravel and sand, and to look "classy" but not too ridiculous for a biker bar/boating pit-stop.

Do I have your attention yet?


Perfect.  This is What I Wore.

Jun 22, 2013

Let's call it Maintenance

Well good morning!

I kept thinking that Holly would be doing the "1 month results Ab Challenge" yesterday so I prepared by eating cupcakes and drinking. 
PS- Homegirl....are we doing that? If so...holla atcha gurl!

Anywho...I, along with most people in the blogosphere, did the same thing....and quit after 2 weeks. 
Not that I don't want to have super awesome killer 8 pack abs. It's just not my thang, apparently.

I dedicated to doing it 3 full times the first week....then a pile of workouts the second week, then not a damn thing the third week, and I went running twice this last week.  Does that count?
Maybe not.
So let's call this photo comparison....maintenance.
Jun 19, 2013

Liebster Award....finally!

A billionty years ago, Gilded was nominated for a lil ole award called The Liebster.
And since I was supposed to do a bunch of things to "pay it forward" I basically forgot about dismissed it for weeks....
Until now.

Jun 17, 2013

What I'm swallowing now.....

Let's keep it clean people.

Oh heeeeyyyy.....I'm here. I was just having a bit of a mental breakdown last week and decided it would be best, since I couldn't actually find a coherent thought, to keep you guessing as to why I disappeared.

It's been a spell.

So here's the thing.  And men-folk...this is going to be heavy on the lady-time talk.
And I don't just mean my flow.  Ha....okay that's enough.
Menstrual jokes aren't funny. Period.


You've been warned.

Jun 6, 2013

Make mine a Double....Thirsty Thursday Link-Up

Time to pour another one out for my homie.

Alicia is hosting Thirsty Thursday's link-up today.  You should join!
We talk about boozes we have drank, are drinking now, and will be drinking in the future.
Get some ideas and tell her your fave!

My drink today is a twist on an old timey favorite: the Tom Collins

I <3 Mr. Collins more than, almost as much as I <3 Bayou sometimes.  He's that good.

And lucky for me, Bayou has a family that loves Tom as much as I do and they have adjusted his ingredients to, dare I say, make it even MORE delicious.

But I'll do it two ways (that's what she said)

The good ole' stand by and our modification.

Ready? Go!
Jun 5, 2013

Setting the bar low.....what I'm wearing

Oh hey gurrrl, HEY!

I'm linking up today with my homegirl Courtney and bringing a little trash to her classy food blog.

You should do it too. 

Me? I tried, and took a picture in my office bathroom this morning of my sassy outfit. 

Voila.  These are the clothes I wear to impress people. Aren't you impressed?

Maxi dress and 3/4 length blazer from Kohl's (Lauren Conrad).
Necklace: Express (and it's broken....so there ya go)

And this is what shit looks like on the weekends when it's cold out and we have no plans:
Jun 3, 2013

In Loving Memory.....

This weekend was tough.
I get so worried about the feelings and emotions of others that when it's most important to realize what is making my own heart ache......I push it way down into my gut and move forward.
It's not until I am pleading with others to "just be honest" with me that I finally realize I am not being honest with myself.

Today, unfortunately, marks one whole year without one of the most influential men in my life, my Papa.

My mother's father, he stood out from the rest of my family as a man among men.
A gentle soul.