May 4, 2013

I hit a wall.....


So sowwy long time I have been MIA since MIA .......(get it? No? moving on....)

I have hit a freaking wall this week.

I was as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve about vacation and the second we stepped foot onto sand with the sun a blazin' and the heat at roughly 85 degrees...we just went
Like....partying like I was 21 again crazy.

Man oh I so NOT 21 anymore. Sweet Jebus.

Ha...and we were only gone for 3 days!!  Obviously it was awesome and I owe you a post about Miami.
(It will probably be a two part post because I have so much to say!)

Wednesday we got back and I spent my extra day off "catching up" on the, grocery shopping, making dinner, tending to fur babies, picking up police reports (relax people, it was just for a scrape in a parking bad)  <-----Do people still say my bad?  Awww hell...if not, I'm bringing that shit back.

Anyways, Thursday and Friday at work were just INSANE. Seriously.  Between training my new assistant to do mundane things and having a contractor literally break all his shit in the 11th hour before we had INVESTORS arrive the following morning for a huge meeting with our company....scrambling was an understatement. 
Plus?  I squeezed in my first workout post-Miami Thursday night. 

Every day since I've been home I've had that feeling....that uncomfortable feeling.....and I'm not talking an STD, although, I suppose Miami is running rampant with that shit. 
I'm talking the post-vaca sickness.
Creeeping up.

I have been exhausted. A bit of a scratchy throat....runny nose.  It probably has to do with the fact that the GD weather went from 80 to 40 in one day flat.  But I'm OVAH it.

This morning? Totally blew off bootcamp.  Sorry Amy. 

I am squished into the corner of my couch with a cup of coffee and my laptop, still in my pj's and unbrushed hair, typing this non-sense.


Today's agenda will be to sit here as long as possible, and freaking feel better. 
I gots shit ta do.

I have to put a PowerPoint presentation together today for work that covers policies for our annual company retreat next week...
Did that last sentence just get you hot and bothered?!?!?  ooohhh yea.....policies.

I haven't had time to do it at work, so I get to spent precious weekend minutes trying to figure out how to make it not boring (Hint: I'm passing out jello shots to people that answer questions correctly)

Also? While I was away on vacation, my parents stopped by the house one day to wrangle my eldest dog into submission and they lovingly dropped off a 20 pound metal gnome-like statue of a bulldog to be put in our "garden" that we don't have. 

What ended up happening instead, was my fucking retarded dog fell in love with it and preceded to dominate and drool all over it.  So now we can't keep it around because he just can't figure it out that it's not real. He keeps smelling it's ass and then running around to the front and hoping metal-dog will smell his.  And then attempting to take the metal flowers out of it's metal mouth and it just isn't working.

These are facts. Here is the evidence to prove it.

Metal dog looks scared.

Metal dog says No means No!!

And then?


You know the drill....I hope to see some familiar faces again!!! 

Bring a yoga mat.
And let me kick your ass into shape!!

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That's all for now.
Lazy TBags. Out.

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