May 30, 2013

A drop in the Summer Bucket List

Time for another link-up!!

Welcome my home girl Holly and her lady friend Trista as we chat about what's the hap for Summer.


 Here are mine.

 1. I would like a summer of cop-free shenanigans. Seriously, judge if you want, but every year someone we know, or ourselves, ends up getting a lecture, ticketed, or arrested by the po-po.
You would think we were still in our early twenties!

2. I will be making a feeble attempt to get our extended family together a tad more often.
Translation: convincing the fancy people I know to pony up to my inner hillbilly.
Come on down, the water feels fine.

3. Both Bayou and I have end of summer birthdays.
I'm turning Dirty 30 and Bayou will be purchasing his first Hoveround.

4. We plan on taking our boat from the burbs to the city for a Huey Lewis concert in a few weeks.
Concerts on the beach means we can dock and drink for free!

5. One of the last single souls in our group of friends is getting married in June.
Can't wait to get the gang together and act a fool.

6. We don't have anymore vacations planned as we just wrapped up a Miami trip, but the goal is ALWAYS to stay outside and enjoy the hot summer weather as much as possible!

 7. Forget about cleaning the house All. The Damn. Time. Please reference item 6.

8. Get knocked up. (Hint: NOT the movie) Is that too much to ask?

 9. DRINKING until #8 happens.

We aren't really the "planning" type of family, so that's what you get!! 
TBag. Out.