Apr 22, 2013

Weekend Recap and Photo Dump Monday

Good morning weekend warriors!
I apologize for my absence over the weekend.....to say I was busy was an understatement!
By Sunday night I felt like this....

Over it.

I didn't get a chance to do progress photos Saturday morning as I was scrambling to get out the door at 6:30am for my first OUTDOOR bootcamp!
I was dragging my feet because it was barely 30 degrees in the sun....oh, and did anyone else notice the SNOW? Not a bit of "frost".....full on snow! Ugh. But I sucked it up and joined 50 other ladies as we did suicide runs and pushups and drills and all things bootcamp for an hour. It took another hour to defrost after I returned home, but I was happy to have done it.

Who ISN'T pumped after a workout?

GETTING the motivation to get off your ass and move......THAT'S the hard part.

But you know who fought against sitting on the couch, or sleeping an extra hour, or the hangovers half of us had(guilty!)?
Myself and four kick ass ladies that showed up with yoga mats(and one double XL tumbling mat!) and a smile on their faces to bust out an hour of PiYo.
As I said on Facebook .....they did awesome! I couldn't be more proud!
Yes, I was hungover, and yes, my.microphone died within the first ten minutes of class but we trudged on and are sore today to show for it!

No PiYo class this Sunday as I am on VACATION!
But we resume our weekly hour sessions Sunday, May 5th, 9-10am.
Look out for my stalkerish texts, invites, and Facebook pleas!
It's weird, because after the awesome weekend Bayou and I had getting the chance to see all our friends for one of the last major wedding showers ....there seemed to be a huge support and excitement among the ladies who ARE willing and eager to take classes.

I know it can be a bit intimidating .
I know people think they aren't strong enough, flexible enough, have the right clothes, won't know anyone .....whatever the excuse .
But the thing is? It doesn't matter.
As a good friend coined this weekend ...."We don't shame and we don't judge."
That is a fact.

At my PiYo class, you don't need fancy workout clothes, makeup, or inhibitions .
All that is required is a yoga mat and a willigness to push yourself through the tough spots.

Will you be perfect the first time?
Hell no.
Will you want to grunt or yell out because your ass or thigh is on fire?
Hell yes . If it isn't at any point ....then I am not doing my job.
Will you want to quit halfway through?
But you have to remember ....you already got up, rubbed the crust out of your eyes, brushed the gin out of your mouth, drove to the facility, and met some fabulous ladies.
You are committed. To the end. And you will feel so good and empowered in the end that you did every.move to the best of your ability and the next week will be even better.
You will be more familiar with the routine .
You will be stronger .
You will be healthier .
And if you are doubting yourself, you have me and our group of No Shame and No Judge ladies there a your biggest fans.

This week?
My kettlebells arrived and I will be incorporating them into Tuesdays and Wednesdays workout .
I was able to snag a spot at a pm Barre class taught by Amy, the same lady as bootcamp. Her company info is HERE.

Saturday is another round of bootcamp and I WILL be posting comparison progress photos .
We are 8 weeks into total body transformation and I'm pumped to see how far I've come.

And now...a random photo dump of things over the weekend.

This is the FORT Bayou and I had to build to snack AND watch TV with the dogs in the room.

This is Burn and Cat having a stare down. Burn wants to eat Cat. Cat is  having none of it.

This is Crash and Bayou lazily rough housing on the ground post Wedding Shower
These are my gross looking, yet delicoius, breakfast smoothies. Check out Gilded's FB page for recipe.
This wine is delicious and cheap. Like your mom.

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Happy Monday!
TBag. Out.

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