Apr 9, 2013

Tuesday Gun Show Workout

Good morning!  I bought tickets to the gun show this morning....like the view?


Today I focused on werkin' out my baby biceps and all of their surrounding friends.

A while back, I purchased a pull-up bar from Target and hung it in the doorway between our living room and kitchen.
Classy, I know, but if it's not right in front of my face I will never use it (that's what your mom said)

Plus, Bayou and I are both under five and a half feet....so we can just waltz under it.

Anyways, I did four different types of exercises this morning.

Using the pull-up bar:
I do as many reps of each position as I can. What that means is, I can't actually do a full rep yet so I try really, really hard once, pull a muscle, then do the reverse pull-up. I have read that if you can't even do one full rep, you start backward.....jump up so your chin is over the bar and you slooowwwwlllly let yourself back down.  This gets your muscles used to this new exercise and bit by struggling bit, you can eventually bust out that first rep....and so on.

I do four moves (PS-the pics aren't of me. Sorry)
Chin-ups with palms facing towards your face, and then palms facing away.

 Wide Grip Chin-Ups (these are the worst!)

Palms gripping the stubby pieces (!!) and palms facing each other

Doing a regular chin-up, palms facing in, I can actually bust out a couple reps in a row, but that's where the bragging ends.

After this, I did as many push-ups and tricep dips as I could stand without quivering into a ball.

And then after this, I did the 8 minute Tracy Anderson Arms Video.

And then I had to lay my toothbrush on its side and rub my  mouth back and forth across it because I couldn't lift my arms to do anything useful. 

Also?  I re-joined Myfitnesspal.com as a new member and started logging my foods and such to see just how many carbs/protein/fats/sugars, and calories in general I am consuming.  It has you set goals and what not to meet. I'm not exactly looking to lose weight, but I did set it to lose 1/2 a pound per week.  
Am I concerned if I actually do that? Not at all.  
This just helps me see if I can bump up protein or reduce sugar and keep me on track.

If you want to join MyFitnessPal as well...we can be friends!  My profile is HERE.


E-MAIL ME AT gildedtbags (AT) gmail (DOT) com  and I will give you the address and directions.
(ps- Sorry for the weird email formatting...this let's me avoid spammers to my email address)

Smokin' Guns....TBag. Out.

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