Apr 6, 2013

OWIO Toning Progress Photos Week #5 and my Brunch Recipe

Good morning!  Well...almost afternoon at this point.  I woke up, took progress pics, and then headed to the vet with my oldest pup for 2. HOURS. These damn dogs, I swear. 

 He is cute though, so I guess I'll keep him.

 Anyways, so we didn't do progress photos last week.  I must admit, each week isn't drastically different, and I don't know about you but I'm starting to get a bit impatient. So I went back, and we have stats and then comparison stats to Day 1.

Waist: 26 3/4"
Overall: Down 1/2" from Day 1

Bicep: 11 1/4"
Overall: Same as Day 1 

Butt: 37"
Overall: Down 5/8" from Day 1

Saddlebags: 37 5/8"
Overall: Down 1/8" from Day 1 

Upper Thigh: 21 3/4"
Overall: Down 3/4" from Day 1

And here are photos!

 So let's dissect this a bit.  Am I getting more toned?  Yes.  But am I seeing more muscle definition.
Not. Really.  It's kind of the same since Day 1. We are 5 weeks in, and 3 weeks until VACATION, so it's time to turn up the heat a bit. 

Here is my game plan:

1 Drink Max on on Weekdays, and only drinking two days during the week. 
2 Drink Max on Weekend days Friday and Saturday. 
1 Drink Max on Sunday.

That cuts out 50% of my alcohol intake.  Don't judge. Work and life are hard and I like to unwind with booze.  I hardly eat dessert anymore......

Food:  I am still drinking my morning smoothies, and eat healthy until dinner.  I am going to re-evaluate my snacks in between meals and see if I can cut out some fat.  Although honestly, I'm not kidding when I say I eat really healthy at work...but I'm sure there is some wiggle room to up the protein and eat a few less white carbs.

Dinner: The Hubs makes dinner most nights, but what I CAN do it cut out snacking pre-dinner.  So I will plan to enjoy a glass of wine or a large jug of water then eat dinner, then keep busy until bedtime. There is no need for additional calories before dinner.

Workouts:  I am going to go all out, max reps, for all body weight exercises during the week.  I am going to be sore and whiny, but stretching and recovery are key.  Time to bump it up a bit.

PiYo CLASS START NEXT SUNDAY!!! See you there?

And this was my brunch meal today.  I got home too late for breakfast and didn't want to wait until lunch, so it's brunch:

Open faced egg and tomato sandwich

Two slices bread, lightly buttered on the bottom.
Two slices Fontina cheese
A layer of Hummus between bread and cheese
2 Eggs, scrambled with tomatoes, salt, pepper, onion powder, and Frank's Red Hot Sauce
Cilantro, for garnish.

Scramble eggs and place on top of bread pieces, grill bread, open faced until browned and cheese has melted a bit. (Cover with lid for even melting)
Garnish with chopped Cilantro.

I'll be working on the blog design and PiYo memorization this weekend!! 
Hope yours is fun!
TBag. Out.

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