Apr 13, 2013

Operation Work.It.Out. Progress Pics Week #6

So last night I stopped by a friend's grand opening of her new in-home studio.  She has been killing it at the Y and with one on one personal training sessions and boot camps (which I'm starting in a couple weeks!) and has finally hit the big time to build out this fabulous studio. 
I'm so proud of her and can't wait to start taking a class or two with her. 

She is my inspiration to move forward with teaching PiYo classes and the like and what motivates me to work out and keep going each and every day. 

You can find out about her and her company info, Tight-n-It, HERE.

On my way home, Bayou wanted food...Like NOW, and he begged me to stop at Culver's for whatever god awful sodium filled dinner he wanted.  So I did.  BUT....I resisted getting myself something and instead popped a couple items in the oven when I got home instead.  Not glamorous, but not something I would regret the next day. 

And thank you sweet Jebus because I am super excited about the progress in the last week based on these photos!!  Take a look!

I'm seeing a lot more lift in my BUTT and more muscle definition all over, especially my back.
This is the motivation I need for myself!!

You should take progress pics too!! You don't have to post them for all the lands to see, but it's nice to look back occasionally and realize you HAVE made progress...even if it's small.

Which, by the way, I will be doing the last Saturday of April.  That will officially be 8 weeks!

So here are my stats:

WAIST: 26 1/4" (DOWN 1/2" from last week)
BUTT: 37" (SAME)
SADDLEBAGS:  37.5" (DOWN 1/8" from last week)
UPPER THIGH: 21 9/16" (DOWN 3/8" from last week)

What have I been doing differently this week?
A) I have been putting in my Cals and focusing on sodium and sugar intake in MyFitnessPal.com. 
You can be my friend and follow along HERE.   

 Does tracking here make me not cheat?
Hell No.
You will see I still had some desserts and more beers than I had planned, but that's life.
BUT....it is making me more aware of how much sugar are in things that I had never thought of before, like my protein bars and greek yogurt.  
B) I started using my pull-up bar again.  Pull-ups suck.  I'm not going to lie.  But there is something so bad ass about being able to do a pull up alongside the guys.  
C) Taking a cue from Lisa-Marie and Zuzana at BodyRock and kicking my own ass just a little bit more during my workouts.  Those bitches look fabulous, even if they have unattainable rock hard boobies.       

So that's it for today!
(When my camera is charged, I will have a two-part video for you!  Kickboxing and overall toning- BOOM!)

Swoll TBag. Out.   


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