Apr 2, 2013

My Tuesday Morning Workout- Do It.

Now that my ladybits have calmed down a tad and the rage and bloat have subsided, let's work off the mini Reese's cups and Starburst Skittles, m'kay?

This was my morning workout.
Completed in my bathroom.
With one dog sleeping in the hamper.


HERE'S YOUR WORKOUT.  In just under 20 minutes, I finished 5 sets.

Jumping Jacks: 8x
High Knee Tires: 8x (1 left + 1 right = 1x)
Plank Burpees: 8x (stay in plank and jump legs in towards chest then back out to plank for 1 set)
Plank Jacks: 16x (Starting in plank, jump legs open and close to complete 1 set)
Diagonal Straight Raise Right Leg: 16 counts (Starting on all fours, raise straight, pointed leg back and at a 45 degree angle away from your body. Pulse to ceiling.)
Bent Leg Ceiling Pulse Right Leg: 16 counts (Stay on all fours, bend leg 90 degrees, heel flexed to ceiling, and pulse straight up)
Straight Side Leg Raise Right: 16 counts (Stay on all fours, rotate leg perpendicular to body, thigh facing forward, toe pointed, pulse outside of thigh to ceiling)
Repeat Diagonal straight leg raise, Bent leg ceiling pulse, and Straight side leg raise on Left side.
Push-ups: 5 good ones
Tricep Push-ups: 6 good ones
Bicycle Abs: 16x (On back, bend one knee towards chest at 90 degree angle, other leg straight out, toes pointed. Fingers lightly touching sides of head, elbows out, rotate torso so opposite elbow touches bent knee, rotate torso and switch legs to touch opposite elbow to knee for One Set)
Straight Leg Bicycle Abs: 16x (Same idea as regular bicycles. This time both legs and arms are straight, rotate torso so hand touches opposite toe, switch to complete One Set)
Seated Straight Leg Raise Right: 8x (Start seated, both legs straight out in front, hands on ground by hips for stability, spine straight and tall, flex right foot and pulse leg to ceiling)
Seated Straight Leg Raise Left: 8x
Seated Straight Leg Inner Thigh Pulse Right: 16x (From seated position, rotate hips to right side so you are sitting on your right outside butt cheek, right inner thigh is to the ceiling, left knee is bent and left foot is on the ground for stability.)
Seated Straight Leg Inner Thigh Pulse Left: 16x


PS- New Blog Design coming soon!!! It's gonna be all kinds of awesome....and 80's.  Of course.

TBag. Out.