Apr 3, 2013

My Breakfast Smoothie Recipe and what I'm doing to fight the fat

I switched up my workout routine today and did back to back Strength this morning.  Skilling said tomorrow is gonna be BEAU-TI-FUL so I plan to get my ass outside and Run Forest!

This morning my alarm went off at 5am and I redid YESTERDAY'S workout with a couple modifications.

Instead of 5 short sets, I doubled the length of every move for the first go around.

My arms and butt were not happy.

Second round? I held that shit in the air for all the counts in all the moves forever.

My muscles proceeded to fall off my bones in a fit of anger.

I then topped all this off with a 16 count set of V ups (fo yo abs)

Tomorrow we be running in the sunshine and warmth.
I like to run really fast during the chorus part of each song and jog during the rest.
Kind of like a pseudo-HIIT exercise.
Plus, it keeps my ADD in check when I'm distracted by garbage in somone's lawn or a squirrel.

Also? I have been making these kick ass breakfast smoothies that are delicious and portable. I used to eat oatmeal every morning but am currently OVER that shit.

Don't be grossed out by the color.  It's delicious!

This is an 8oz. mason jar. I can make four at a time with my blender using the following:

6-8oz. Green Plant Juice
Most of a bag of pre-washed organic spinach
2 or so cups frozen mangoes
4 heaping spoonfuls of 0% fat plain Greek Yogurt
2 tbsp. Flax Seed (Make sure you refrigerate these after opening!)
2 tbsp. Chia Seed (since I don't add ice, this acts as a thickening agent if left to sitin the smoothie for at least for hours)
1 Splenda
Water, as needed if the smoothie is too thick.

Blend that shit up and divide into four containers. It holds up to two weeks in the fridge.

Green Juice Goddess,
TBag. Out.

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