Apr 1, 2013

Mush Monday- Things I'm grateful for

Hi guys....Day off of working out today!!! WOOT!!

Since my computer was out of commission, I was taking pics of things and couldn't show you. I knew you would be sad, so I wanted to highlight things that made me happy and things I'm grateful for.

First....we are two weeks away from my very first PiYo class.  My wireless mic showed up this weekend and we will be putting it to the test soon.  I must say....
I'm nervous.

Excited, yes, but also nervous.  It's good though.  I love doing PiYo and want others to know how awesome it is and how easily it can be worked into your fitness regime.  Sunday, April 14th is our very first class.

IT'S FREE.  It's one hour from 9-10am.  It will change your life.

You have to have an open mind.  An open mind that although I have been teaching all my life, I might bobble a bit.  Be flexible.  Have an outgoing and non-judgemental opinion to the surroundings.  You will NOT be working out in a fancy, state of the art gym.  There will be dirt, and probably bugs.  But you will have a waterfront view and nice weather (hopefully) and the support of ME and your friends. I will work. you. out.  Promise.

I hope you come back after the free classes.  I want us to have fun and get sweaty in the process!!  There is standard, fun, PiYo music, but I plan to switch it up with throwbacks and various other themes.

The classes will be held in Ingleside, IL.  Not sure where that is?  Private message me on Facebook, or email me here at gildedtbags (at) gmail (dot) com...I will give you exact directions, address, and any other specifics you may need!!

And here is a photo dump of all the things that make it worth getting up so damn early in the morning and being responsible.  Gotta love 'em.

Special Husband and special cow dog bonding

Cat- Bet you didn't know we had a cat too.  Running a zoo here!

Crash loves sitting on anything that happens to fall on the ground.

Lazy Sundays

New, Healthier dishes!! (Spicy Thai Shrimp Soup!)

That mug.

 Have a nice day off!! Summer is just around the corner!
TBag. Out.

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