Apr 18, 2013

It's flooding outside and the trains are at a halt, so I'm doing a LINK UP!!

Today's post is not fitness related AT ALL!

Can you believe that?! 

This post is way more fun and a great way for me to "meet" fellow bloggers.

Today's Link Up is brought to you by Holly and Jake. Their blogs are HERE and HERE.

Let's get started shall we?


1. I laughed so hard I cried once....when it was a complete white-out blizzard. A friend and I were coming home from work on the train and always had the "luxury" of listening to a man we referred to as Penguin. He looked, talked, and had the mannerisms of Penguin from Batman.

He has the same attitude as well.
 That day as we were exiting the train Penguin attempted to get ahead of everyone in the parking lot by leaping over a snow mound . He immediately hit the ground with both feet and slid, feet first on the snow and managed to lodge himself under a car up to his armpits . His arms were flailing around, like a penguin, because he couldn't roll over or get out quickly. We couldn't help it. I started busting out laughing so hard I think I cried, peed, and snotted all at the same time. We were too far away to be of any help, but were useless anyways from laughing so hard. This happened at least 3 years ago and to this day I still randomly crack up thinking about it.

2. My High School...was a school under constant construction and upgrades . To walk in today, it would be a whole new layout .

3. It really pisses me off....when people can't get up to speed and stay at the speed limit when driving. Just fucking go people . I don't do leisurely driving . The goal is Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible.

4. In ten years....I'd like to say I have a plan but I don't . I'll be pushing forty so hopefully all my"wants" in life will have happened in some form or another . I just hope all those people that I love so much are still around and thriving and that I'm healthy and happy.

5. If I could erase one thing....it would be the passing of my grandfather last year. All the bad and awkward shit that has happened in my life is there for a reason, but I just want my Papa back.

6. In 1999.... I was a sophomore in High School, in Art classes, a member of the Color Guard and band, and in a long term relationship with my High School boyfriend . I was awkward and outgoing and crazy and weird . So basically how I still am today.

7. Honestly ....I thought I would be pregnant by now. We have been trying for almost a year and are both healthy and active. Again, everything happens for a reason, so I guess it's just not our time yet.

8. To me, sushi is.....a lifeline. I love it so, so much. Especially these days when attempting to eat cleaner. Simple ingredients, packed with protein and vitamins that's tasty!? I die.

9. Someone needs to invent.....a portable cocktail shaker with all your ingredients held separately until it's GO time. When I'm stuck on the train, it would be nice to relax with a fancy drank rather than a tallboy all the time.

10. The first time I drank alcohol .....I was a Freshman in High School. We were playing card games in someone's basement that required chugging wine. Yes, CHUGGING wine. The kind in the big glass jug with the tiny little round handle at the top.

 11. The one thing I would ask God is.....well, this is a toughy for me because although I have faith, I'm not sure there is a PERSON of which to ask anything .

12. Lindsay Lohan.....needs to get her sloppy ass out of the spotlight . She is so lucky to have so many other people around her to constantly bail her out of tough situations . I'm sick of hearing about her .

Try to stay dry today Chicago!!! It's nasty out there!!
TBag. Out.

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