Apr 24, 2013

I'm getting TBagged by Kettlebells....


These kettlebells are no joke.

One is 20lbs and one is 30lbs....can you guess which is which?

Shocking....the 20lb bell is the larger one....I must admit, it's a bit cumbersome, but you get what you pay for and I paid $0 for shipping.  BOOM.

Now don't get me wrong, I have used them in classes before, but am lifting again for the first time in nearly a year and this shit is tough.....I'm not gonna lie.

The past two mornings I have been using these babies to swing, twist, lunge, step, squat, and thrust......mostly thrust, my ass into shape.

If I have a few minutes left, I will do various pullups until my arms are essentially jello.

What's not cool?
My calluses are coming back. 

I'll take it though if it means a little less cellulite, am I right?

I decided to slap myself in the face with the bells two days in a row because this Thursday starts my PM Barre class. This class tightens and sculpts and lifts you into shape using a ballet barre, various smaller items and your own bodyweight.

So.....if you are following some sort of version of my workout schedule, this is what it looks like:

Monday:  Off
Tuesday: AM Kettlebell total body (20-25min.)
Wednesday: AM Kettlebell total body (20-25min.)
Thursday: PM Barre Class (1 hr)
Friday: Off
Saturday: AM Outdoor Bootcamp (1 hr)
Sunday: PiYo Strength Class (1 hr)

Whew! Just looking at that is making me tired. Good thing vaca is right around the corner! I will actually be missing a couple workouts next week because of this, but so be it!
A little sun and fun and rest and fruity drinks are just what the doctor ordered!

So I have to ask....what have you guys been doing or will be trying that is gonna lift dat ass a bit?
What's your favorite go-to workout and what do you like best when you want to really dig deep and kick some ass!?

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TBag. Out.

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