Apr 25, 2013

Code Red

Good morning!
This post has nothing to do with fitness, you lucky bastards!

 It DOES have to do with lady time, so men-folk of the world, feel free to click that red X in the upper right hand portion of your screen and get out while you still have your dignity....ha, just kidding, if you are reading this blog and are a dude, I know your kind, and I know you have as much class as a Canadian tuxedo.

Denim on denim on mullet.

Anywho ......I started this blog with the intent to get the spinning nonsense out of my head and out to the world about wanting to get knocked up.
Well, the world has different plans for me and although I don't think we need to pursue the infertility guru's just yet, I am also blatantly aware that either myself, or Bayou, are not exactly fertile myrtle.

So then I spent a portion of this blog complaining about getting negative pee sticks month after month and that got me nowhere but depressed.
And now we are onto fitness. Yes, I must admit, as much as I try to ignore timing intercourse, and checking cervical this and that, and knowing what "day" I am, it is still there, in the back of my mind, screaming to hop back on the crazy train and start symptom spotting, and convincing myself I am, indeed, pregnant.

Pouring myself into teaching others and bumping up my own personal health has eased the crazy a lot, and it gets better every month. I have actually come to accept the fact that it actually might never happen and I will be destined to mother fur babies forever....and that's okay.

This month most importantly. With vacation fast approaching, it just happens to coincide with when I'm due to start my next cycle.
And ain't nobody got time for bloating and bleeding and tiredness and rage when in the middle of a gorgeous beach with a bikini strapped on. Gross.
Of course, if that bloating was because I was pregs? Then yay! It gives a whole other reason to celebrate.
But this month was quickly shaping up like every. other. month. I knew that hag was on her way....maybe, just maybe she would show up earlier than I had anticipated??
I tell Bayou, in all seriousness,"We need to pray for me to start bleeding ....like now."
And Mr. McCrazy knew exactly what his Lady McCrazy was talking about so he said ok, without a flinch.

BOOM. Within an hour, we got what we asked for. Lucky me!? To be skinny in Miami? You bet your ass? To have to deal with another taxing month of waitin' and anticipatin'.....not so much.

So I keep my head up, keep shoving and elbowing my way forward.
Life is going to continue to happen whether I get preg next month, or a year from now, or never.

Oh...and I found this picture of two random people posing for a preg photo shoot
...and it is horrifyingly hilarious. Enjoy.

Try getting THAT out of your brain....BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I'm getting pumped for warmer weather (hopefully SOON!) so we can get our hippie-on during PiYo classes and "be one with nature" or whatever.
I love working out outdoors ....you feel so much more alive!

I have my Barre class tonight and tomorrow is a free day!
Saturday? Get ready for our 8 week progress photo comparisons to Day 1.

That's all for today! Thanks for playing!
TBag. Out.

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