Apr 5, 2013

Big Reveal!!! The contents of my lady bag....

I'm doing it.

I'm joining fellow bloggers on my FIRST LINK UP!  It's gonna come off as stupid to most other people...and I get it. It is rather silly. But...I have a couple minutes this morning so I thought,
Why the hell not?

I have been following Holly at her BLOG and saw they were doing a purse contents link-up with another chick HERE.  

So here is where all the magic is kept. (Not really, I actually just switched purses for the spring, so it's cleaner that ever.)

First Up?  The purse itself.  Just purchased it on a whim at ideeli.com.  It's a Vince Camuto purse and I loved it for two reasons...it has Shine (like me!) and is a good neutral gray to go with most ensembles.  Plus, I loved that the gold hardware wasn't too gold...if that makes sense.  

Next? The NEON yellow inside!! This is my favorite little secret of this purse.  The 80's are back baby!

Finally...the moment you have all been waiting for....what exactly do I shlep around in this fancy bag?

All of this:

This is the breakdown:

Mac and Jac wallet (from T.J. Maxx)
A mini Aveda hand lotion (I hate dry skin!)
My inhaler (because I'm a nerd and have allergies)
Chapstick!!! (this is a MUST...I have at least 2 in every corner of my house, desk, etc....because my lips hurt real bad....Napoleon? Anyone?)
A nail file
An emergency tampon
A mirror (to check for weird objects on my face)
A note about how to make a White Sour Dog (delicious, btw.  Moonshine, or white whiskey, ginger simple, lemon juice, orange juice, nutmeg, a maraschino cherry and an orange peel for garnish!)
House keys
Office keys
A really really ridiculously old USB drive
Twist pins, a few bobby pins, and a clip for when my hair is pissing me off and I need it OFF. MY. FACE.
An angel keepsake from the day my grandpa passed last year

That's It!!  You can sleep in peace now knowing all of this!

TBag. Out.

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