Apr 29, 2013

A little somethin' somethin' about myself....30 to be exact.

Imitation is the best form of flattery....so this one stems from a recent post from The Life From Jake where he listed 24 things about himself for all the people in all the lands to know about. And then my girl Reba K. did it so I knew I had to jump on board.  I saw their 24 and raised them 30.

Here are mine:

1) I taught myself how to play the piano at 3 and a half years old.  My parents threw a keyboard and a Christmas piano book at me and said good luck.  My first song was "Up on the Housetop" and from there I took weekly piano lessons and competed against other pianists in the Midwest and always won. And my fingers were so small I could barely reach an octave at that point.  I stopped by age 14 because it wasn't "cool."
Also...I laugh every time I hear the word "pianist."

2) I think my Dad was hoping for a boy because some of the first things I learned how to do were throw a perfect spiral, punt a football, and the basics of baseball.

3) My favorite movies growing up were anything Arnold Schwarzenegger related. Think "Twins", "Terminator", and "Predator".  I am also obsessed with Ghostbusters (any of them) and Aliens.  If at any point any of these movies comes on TV...I will stop what I'm doing and start watching.

4) I was placed into Advanced Math, English, and Art classes in Elementary School.  I hardly had recess.  Honestly, I don't know what happened because I never kept up with any A/P classes in Middle or High School.

5) I was taught to never throw the first punch. Therefore, when I was decked in second grade because some boy liked me, I broke his nose and was sent home with a white slip.  And promptly grounded.

6) I was kicked out of Girl Scouts for cheating in a "guess how many candies are in the jar" contest between me and my best friend.  Like idiots, we both told each the exact number and that is exactly what we wrote down.

7) Starting in 5th grade, I took Tae Kwon Do classes to hang out with my brother.  I sped through belt testing and ended as a deputy black belt.  Those classes taught me a lot about myself and helped me to stop getting picked on all the time. Not to turn to fighting, just to build character and stand up for myself.  I would practice breaking boards in the basement with my Dad while he yelled at me to "hit harder!"....I suppose it was a bonding experience.

8) I was a band geek in High School. Specifically, I was in Color Guard (you know...the flags?) Best experience of my life. Promise.  It kept me straight and got me to focus my love of art and dance in a way that other "sports" couldn't do. I went on to compete with Independent guards in college and taught a High School Color Guard for a few years as well.

That's me....bottom right.  The theme of this year was based on the musical "Rent"

9) I crashed my dad's Monte Carlo on NYE my Junior year of High school, into a large snow mound, after failing to break on a patch of ice.  I had a case of beer in the passenger seat and had to dig my way out of the snow (which was up past the window) with the ice scraper.  Oh, I was also in a dress.  I proceeded to chuck each beer into the woods ahead of me and had to shame-call my ex-boyfriend at the time after I couldn't get a hold of my parents.  His dad, him, and his new girlfriend, all showed up to help me get the car out.  My aunt and uncle and cousins also showed up after my Dad called them.  It was a family affair I tell ya.

10) I think I have a touch of undiagnosed OCD and ADD.  No joke...shit has to be in it's place, and I am a huge procrastinator and tend to get easily distracted.

11) Almost nothing embarrasses me.  Which is the complete opposite of my husband, who likes to look cool at all times.  Sorry dude...you married the clumsiest, more outgoing, "make-an-ass-outta-myself-on-a-daily-basis" classy lady.  Ain't no shame in my game.

Medieval Times Gangastas

12) Growing up I had really long hair that I wore to the side, and would only wear one earring on the exposed ear.

13) I have never had a tight group of friends.  I have always had a few awesome friends all over the place.  It's a blessing and a curse.

14) My right front tooth is fake. Well...3/4 fake.  I was playing Hot Lava at recess one time, on a metal jungle gym, in the rain, and basically fell and ate a metal pole.  My tooth shattered.

15) I have never broken a bone to need a cast, although I have broken my nose multiple times.

16) I was kicked in the jaw during a Tae Kwon Do class and now it opens on a slight angle.  If I chew gum too much, it starts popping.

17) I wore braces for nearly 6 years, including head gear (to school!) and all those bands. To this day, I still wear the final set of retainers at night.  To this day, my teeth still shift if I don't wear them.

18) My total round trip commute to and from work currently takes 3 hours and 45 minutes.  But I love the city for it's energy and love the suburbs for quiet nights. Best of both worlds.

19) I love all music...and I mean ALL music, but have an obsession of Hair Bands.  Van Halen can do no wrong in my book.

20) My husband and I both own four wheelers that we take off-roading from time to time. 

21) My two bulldogs, the Frenchie named Crash, and the English named Burn (get it? Crash and Burn!) are the loves of my life.  I almost love them more than I love Bayou...almost.  Bayou also has a cat....I'm not overly fond of it.

22) I am a research-aholic. I almost never take a diagnosis for what it's worth...especially when it comes to my dogs.  And almost 100% of the time, it has worked in my favor.

23) Following up on the ADD....every time someone says something that is even remotely similar to a line in a song, I will start singing that song...out loud. And then I forget what we are talking about.

24) Growing up, my dad looked like Tom Selleck and my mom looked like Dolly Parton.

25) I started getting gray hairs when I brought home Crash at age 22.  Those dogs will eventually put me in a mental institution.

26) I have a photographic memory.

27) I met this guy at NOLA on a work trip

28) I have asthma and have to keep an inhaler on me at all times.  Laughing too hard can cause a flair up.
Did I mention I'm a bit of a nerd?

29) I'm all about a good ole' timey cocktail...but nothing beats sipping a Bud Lite Lime, with my feet in a kiddie pool in the summertime, in my back yard, while I watch my dogs roll in the mud.  Are you noticing a redneck theme as well?

30) My husband and I knew we would marry each other within 5 minutes of meeting.  As lame as it sounds, it really was love at first site.

That's it!
Until next time friends...stay classy.
TBag. Out.

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