Mar 8, 2013

Work. It. Out.

I lied when I said I needed a break from blogging.  What I MEANT was I needed something new.  I have been straying too far from myself and my loves and focusing on things that are too far out of my control.  During this time of obsessing, I started to turn to a couple things that I'm not used to doing:
Being lazy and comfort eating.  Yes, it's winter and seems to be rather acceptable to do these two things in the U.S. of A.

But that's not me.

What IS me is getting inspired by working out and pushing myself and transforming myself into something better. So this is what is going to happen. This blog is going to add a new chapter....a way to keep myself accountable.  Starting tomorrow, I will post a pic of the "before" me.  Now, hear me out before you see it and are like...."Well geez TBag, what are you complaining about?" Here's the thing..I'm not fat. I'm not out of shape, and I don't shop at Lane Bryant....but I am a tad bigger...more doughy, a bit saggier, a little more dimply that I am comfortable with. Plus...we are heading to South Beach at the end of April and I just put on a bikini for the first time.  Terrible lighting combined with period bloat and this bitch got herself a new attitude.

The goal is not going to be to drop X amount of pounds.  I won't even be using a scale.  I "think" I am starting at roughly 129 pounds...based on the last time I was at the gym a couple weeks ago. I will be measuring myself though so you and I are on the same page.  I am not even sure if I want a "goal" per se.  I do want to be leaner, meaner, tighter, faster, more flexible, and less saggy than I am today.  And in the last couple of months..I kind of already started working out more, but it's not consistent.  I will work out for 3 days one week...then maybe once the following....and so on.

I will be calling this chapter: Operation Work. It. Out.....OWIO for short....and now I have that terrible new Britney song in my head.  "ohhhh-we-ohhhh-we-oh-we-oh"


Here are the details:

Pictures: I will be posting a progress Photo every Saturday morning.  I will probably be looking terrible so please feel free to judge.  Measurements will be included

Equipment: I recently "lost" my free gym membership and since I am relatively cheap (like your mom) I will doing most of my workouts at home with body weight only.  In recent years, I have purchased a treadmill and weighted boxing those will be incorporated. I also became a certified PiYo instructor, but since I haven't actually started teaching anyone, anywhere, I will be using the provided DVD's from time to time. Plus, starting April 1, I will be taking a Saturday AM outdoor bootcamp class with my favorite personal trainer, whom I met at the Y, Amy. She rocks the house and I highly recommend you take one of her classes if you want a swift ass kicking...and live local to the Lake Zurich area....DO IT!!

Workout Schedule: I am up for work by 5:20am (I KNOW) and home at 6pm, which means I have two options. A) Get up early and get it over with or B) do it after work.  Depending on the weather...option A will probably be most likely and option B will probably only happen if I have been drinking and running sounds like a good plan.  I am usually completely out of steam after work, but who knows...nicer weather tends to make me a bit more motivated. I plan to work out 3 days during the week and both weekend days.

Every Sunday I will be posting a week's worth of workouts. Follow along if you would like.

Food:  I eat relatively healthy already.  I'm not going to be counting calories as I have already been down that path and I get too obsessed.  I also like to drink. And summer is around the corner which means more drinking than usual.  Like I said....this will be a lifestyle change not a temporary I will be taking that  into account.  You can't cut out carbs and sugar and alcohol for the rest of your life and actually be happy. It's not fun or possible. OK, well maybe you can. But I'm not. Wine is basically my afternoon snack.
I was thinking about posting pics of my meals, but I don't think anyone actually likes looking at that kind of crap, do they?  Bayou tends to make most of our dinners, so you can assume I eat pasta or something Italian most nights....ha.
So, let's make it easy (like your mom). I will give a quick up date, to bitch about how sore or tired I am, at least one day during the week and will include my meals for the prior days in that post.  Food will also be included in one of my weekend posts as well.

If you guys think of anything else that you want to see or hear about let me know. I will try to figure out how to add labels and a button section at the top of this blog to make the week to week more accessible. 


Kicking Ass and Taking Names.
TBag. Out.