Mar 17, 2013

So I made a video workout for you....

and you will be most impressed. Ha...probably not.

Side note- I wanted to say that Youtube sucks ass and this has taken me like 24 hours to complete....seriously.  I don't even think I'm that retarded with computers and the fucking editing and processing time on Youtube's end made me throw my computer across the room.  And that I think made it run even slower....but alas. I have two workouts for you that you can follow. They were part of my workout yesterday.  One isn't me and one is...I bet you won't be able to tell between the professional featuring Tracy Anderson and her killer arms and mine. I mean....mine is THAT good.

Let me set the scene.  Whenever I work out I like to come up with a set of moves and put them to music. It keeps me motivated and on track. So then I'm all...."I should just record this shit and add some fancy subtitles and give YOU PEOPLE an actual workout so you don't have to go and find music that fits my exercises." BOOM. So I did.

And it has been a rough start.

First, I had to re-record a four minute routine like a million and six times.  I was finally happy with the million and fifth option until I realized that Bayou walks through the background, at the half way mark, butt naked, like it ain't no thang.  SERIOUSLY. I flipped my shit.

So I do it again.  My arms and legs feel like jello the entire time. I look like a sweaty whore with fucked up hair and I seriously want to die, but I push through, one more time and it's good enough.

Adding subtitles is a total bitch but it needs to be done.  Hopefully next time won't take a million years because i'm OVAH it.

So here you go.

The first one is Tracy Anderson's killer 8 minute arm workout. That shit is hard. I'm not gonna lie, I hardly made it through without putting my arms down a couple times.  But she promises tiny little defined arms and I believe her. (PS- she talks A LOT in the beginning, so you can fast forward to the :30 for the actual start of the workout)

The second is mine. It's set to the music of "Thrift Shop" and is a mix of 3 cardio moves, back to back, and four variations of punches.  In the video I am using weighted (3 lb) gloves to make it more intense whilst punching...but they are not required.  I just happen to have them from my boxing class with Amy...and to look tough. Obviously.

You can also follow my video's on YouTube HERE.

Remember!!Monday and Friday are OFF days. Stay tuned for your workouts Tuesday-Thursday.

Boxin' TBags. Out.

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