Mar 10, 2013

OWIO Workouts for Week 1: Tootsie Roll & Frogees included

I am sore.  I think I kicked my own ass a little too much yesterday knowing all of this would be on the interwebs.  Post workout, I soaked in an epsom salt balt whilst sipping a homemade smoothie, and I think it helped a bit, but my ass and shoulders are still screaming at me.
Nonetheless, the show must go on.

Like I said in my first post regarding this new fitness chapter, today's post will outline, in detail, my workouts for the week: Sunday - Saturday.  I will pull inspiration from my Fitness Pinterest board, and my vast knowledge of prior skillz I have acquired from years of working.  My mind is like a steel trap I tell ya.

Saturday and Sunday workouts will be longer and will use more "complex" equipment, like a DVD player or weighted boxing gloves.  Weekday workouts will have to be completed within a 30 minute time frame (or shorter) starting at 4:50am and honestly, they are usually done in my bathroom with a dog or two undertoe, so no extra equipment and not too much insanity otherwise, I will wake up Bayou and get the furballs all riled up.  I use a treadmill in the basement of our home for cardio days with an ipod playlist...again, to keep things quiet.

I tend to make up names of some of my exercise....therefore, I will be adding a couple spotlight exercise posts to show you people what the hell it is I'm doing instead of being like, "WTF is a downward dog tricep push-up"...or whatever.  This means, photos or a quick video up load of how to do the move and modify it as necessary.  Capiche?

Also, every day, I do the Good Morning Yoga Sequence one time through. It takes roughly 5 minutes and helps me loosen up in the morning. On Off days, this is done just before I hop in the shower, or completed Post-Workout.

Here is your list of workouts!!

SUNDAY: PiYo Strength DVD 45min- 1 Hour (Don't have access to this? I suggest OnDemand Yoga or Pilates on the TV or check out a local gym for a class!)



SATURDAY: Cardio Kickboxing and Circuit Training- 45min- 1 Hour

Let's Kick Some Ass!!!
TBag. Out.