Mar 27, 2013

OWIO Toning Thursday + a snippet of my better half- Say Hello to Bayou

What is up party people?! I hope you are as excited as I am to get started with weekly PiYo Training!!
Only 18 more days until your FIRST FREE CLASS!! Woot!

But we still need to keep working. it out. in the meantime. I have seen a minimum of one billion photos of people on spring break and all I keep thinking about is shoving myself into a bikini again.  I know, I gotta rock what you got...and I WILL! It was just be a little more lifted and a little more toned.

Oooh oooh ooh...I almost forgot to tell you!

I GOT MY COMPUTER BACK!! This will be (hopefully) my last lame weekday workout without some sort of VLOG instructional video or workout featuring yours truly!!  Yay you! this is MY inspiration for tomorrow because when that alarm goes off at 5am I typically start swearing profusely:

I will be doing both of these videos. The first one is Tracy Anderson's 8 minute arm sculptor and the second one is some cute little tart sculpting her butt and thighs using no weights! The second video is 26 minutes but I think I can jam this all into a 30 minute total workout....I'll just move faster.  Will you?!?!?

Plus....Bayou is weird sometimes (shocking) and was shoveling a pile of cake into his mouth hole with rapid force last night.  So, obv, I started snapping pictures of him.  He is a bit vain and basically grabbed the camera from me, tried to delete the photos featuring his "double chin" and instead had me take pics like this gem.....Warning: try not to be blinded by the white's not summer yet remember?

Meet special husband
 He would like me to note that all those who read this should refer to him as a "smooth slick pimp daddy from the streets" because he is obviously ghetto, and obviously a pimp for scooping me up when he had the chance. 

PS- I have to KILL myself working out all the time, and if I look at cake I put on 5 pounds.  Bayou? He has never worked out a day in his life. EVER.  Granted....his job is pretty physical, but that my friends....that chiseled body of the God's was made from a diet of Guiness, Bud Lite, donuts, cake, and various other piles of garbage he consumes on a daily basis.  If you ever want to see those guns in person....I'm sure he would be more than willing.

I also don't remember why he has no shirt on at this point. He was, just previously, eating cake, like I mentioned.  Maybe he got all hot and bothered from the frosting?  Who knows.

Special Husband for a Special Wife
TBag. Out.

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