Mar 31, 2013

OWIO Sunday Workout Videos!! I'M BACK IN ACTION!

My computer works! (YAY!)

I got a new workout outfit!! (The top is reversible!!)

Available a la Target

These don't have subtitles and all that fanciness, but they are easy enough to watch once and follow along.

The first one focuses on lower body; inner and out thighs, calves, butt, saddlebags. We will be doing A LOT of squats and jumps.

The second is a bit Tracy Anderson inspired.  I didn't even spend time choreographing.  You aren't on the floor at all for any of this workout, which is awesome, but it will help with that chicken wing thing that happens to your arms and work your abs nice and good like.

I didn't take any progress photos this weekend because I've been too busy with Easter.  Sorry.  More progress photos next week!  I'm sure I didn't lose any inches this week.  I was really busy and overly tired and skipped a workout (or two) so I'm sure the progress wouldn't be spectacular.  But we're back in the game now!!

Feast your eyes and incorporate this into your weekly workouts!!
DISCLAIMER:  You KNOW I'm not a certified personal trainer....I AM certified in PiYo and can't wait to start teaching that!  Two weeks until your FIRST FREE CLASS!! Come out and try it!!  You will <3 it so much...promise!
These videos are just a fun little extra that helps get you in the mood to  Have fun!!
 (ps- when I finished processing the abs video...Youtube told me it was banned in Germany...HILARIOUS!!) Their loss.

TBag. Out.

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