Mar 23, 2013

OWIO Progress Pics and Stats: Week 2

Ugh.....still dont have my computer fixed so todays post will be made possible via my cellphone. I apologize for any typos or grammatical errors. Plus, the photos are crap as well. You're welcone.

So without further ado, here are my Week Two stats for Operation Work It Out plus progress photos!

Waist: 26 7/8" (down 3/8"!)
Biceps: 11 1/4" (up 1/4"- more muscle!)
Butt: 37 1/2" (down 1/8"!)
Saddlebags: 37 1/2" (same)
Upper thigh: 22 3/8" (down 5/8"! Holy moly!)

Abd now pics (Disclaimer: i am Hella hungover this morning)


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  2. Wow that's awesome the progress you've made!!! Keep up the awesome work and get that computer fixed, I miss your posts!

    1. Hey lady! Thanks so much! Hope you are soaking up the rays in Fo-rida!! PS- I think you had a duplicate post so I removed it. I have to "approve" all comments because I have been getting a lot of spam, so just wait a hot minute and you will see your comment appear, all magical-like!!!

    2. Yes sometimes things get goofy on my phone, sorry about that! Now get tht lap top fixed, I'm missing your posts!