Mar 16, 2013

OWIO Progress Pic and Stats: Week 1

Good Morning!
Week 1 workouts completed and progress pics today!! I must say, not much has changed in a week so don't be expecting too much.  That is just how it goes.

Here are my pics and stats:



How are you doing? Sore? Motivated?  Over it?

I will clue you into my eating habits as well.  I have decided this next week to modify them a bit and cut out more of the desserts and a couple (like maybe one) drink, of the alcoholic variety. I had a few more desserts this week than intended (I made a kick ass cake last weekend, so HAD to eat it!!)

Breakfast: Last Sunday I made 2 weeks worth of 8 oz. smoothies.  In each 8 oz. mason jar were the following: 1 spoonful 0% Greek Yogurt (protein), Almond or coconut milk, 1/2 tbsp. roasted flax seed, 1/2 tbsp. chia seeds (these made the smoothies thicker as I don't use ice), honey, and 2-3 frozen fruit varieties: strawberries, blueberries, magoes, pineapples, orange concentrate, raspberries.

Snacks: Carrots and hummus and string cheese or a Trader Joe's vanilla greek yogurt and crushed cinnamon almonds.

Lunch: At work I will have a salad with red pepper, avocado, cottage cheese, and a vinagrette based dressing, or sushi, or an Amy's frozen lunch.

Sweets: Vanilla meringues, or some chocolate.

Dinner: More carby typically....pasta, pizza, fish and vegetables, it varies really depending on who makes it.

I tend to have 1-2 drinks 2-4 days per week. I like to unwind with this.  I may cut it down to one drink once or twice DURING the week. Weekends vary based on activities.

Desserts: I absolutely love desserts.  Although most of the time I feel like I don't have enough time to enjoy it so I don't get to that portion of the day.  It shouldn't be too hard to cut it out based on this fact.

On a different note, I absolutely enjoyed my day off last night.  Mostly.  We watched Life of Pi and I think I cried 90% of the time.  Fail. It was a well made and beautiful movie though.

And I snapped this hilairous pic of my fur babies.  I crack up every time I see it. They both look so confused!

So, my workout for today will be a mix of kickboxing and circuit training and tomorrow will be PiYo.  Make sure you get moving this weekend, don't use it as an excuse to completely veg out. You may hate it to begin with, but no one ever complains about how they feel after the workout.

Plus, I will be reformatting my week day workout videos and how they are presented.  More professional and less babbling hopefully.  No guarantees though.

Happy Weekend!!  Kick some ass!
TBag. Out.