Mar 11, 2013

Operation: Work. It. Out. VLOG Tips #1

So today's post will be a VIDEO of yours truly!!! I know.....try to contain yourself. I'm revealing my true identity and you're in LUCK!  I look like a complete babbling asshole.  I tried to perform the exercises for you, but since I have never been in front of a just kind of looks...stupid.

HOWEVER....maybe this will help 1 of you. And that is really all that matters.

This video ties in with the Tuesday Arm Workout I laid out for you lovely people in the

OWIO WOW #1 post (Operation Work It Out, Workout Of the Week #1)

So re-read that post, then watch this terribly awesome video, hike up your big girl panties and
WORK. IT. OUT. (And try to look better than me....shouldn't be hard)

Kick some ass tomorrow!!! OWIO!!!

TBag. Out.