Mar 18, 2013

Operation: Work. It. Out. - Tuesday's Firm Workout


Remember when I said I kind of went ape shit on my computer over the weekend and threw it across the floor and maybe it's not really working anymore?  No? Well, I have a scene that will re-enact exactly what happened:

See?  So now my dumbass doesn't have a working computer which means I can't upload MY OWN video snippets and workouts for you until it's fixed.  I work with some tech-y guys, so I'm praying they will fix it for free fix it out of the kindness of their hearts....and a six pack of Bud Lite.  

Soooo......where does this leave us?
You still have to workout.  Sorry.  One week isn't going to cut it.  And since I had such a hissy fit over the enormous processing time, I never got around to my Sunday workout. Which pissed me off even more. I do plan to go home and do the fat girl shake on my treadmill tonight to make up for it.  I will I tell ya.

Please follow this FITNESS routine for tomorrow's workout.  Firm and Burn.  It looks decently hard and should work for one day.  If it's not hard enough...throw in some extra pushups and tire high knees.


You can re-follow last Tuesday's workout HERE.

Or do the two video's from YESTERDAY.

All are equally awesome options.

And Remember:

Getting huffed up over inanimate objects,
TBag. Out.

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